Scum thread


Compared to us and other top clubs spurs had a shitty window, however they did upgrade. Getting rid of Chadli and signing Sissoko is ok.


Classic panic buy if I’ve ever seen one.


That’s the classic Scum “we’ve got to buy someone on deadline day lest the supporters go and break all the shop windows around Shart butt Lane”


They extended the contract of Eriksen. I think that is a good one for them. Still don’t see why they needed Sissoko with Wanyama being signed too.


They are very different players. Sissoko could be good for them, could really do a trick as a super sub. He’s very much a confidence player though and playing for Spurs certainly ain’t going to do much for him in that regard.


Kane looks to have fucked his ankle bad. Not good for Tottenham…


How’d he only get away with a fine


Especially because he is just back in form.


Depends on the circumstances, but if the amounts were small and there was no evidence of him dealing (baggies, scales, a dodgy mobile phone) then a fine probably isn’t that unusual. I don’t think people usually get banged up for personal use amounts, unless they are a constant reoffender.


The Daily Mail says Kane will miss two months. It could be BS but pretty bad for Spurs if true. Kane hasn’t been in good form but Janssen has looked pretty crap so far and I think Spurs may have trouble scoring over the long haul without an in form Kane. This could put Kane out for the NLD as well.





You get the sense Kane was just starting to turn it on again, I’m not sure Janssen is quite at the same level and may not enjoy the pressure suddenly being heaped on him.

They have so many midfielders anyway, could just go with a false 9 if he goes a few games without scoring.


The Daily Mail’s 2 months time frame is a worst case scenario guess, they also mention it could be 10 days, it’s a nothing article.


Just ask Wenger to give us an estimate on Kane’s injury.
Problem solved.


Kane played over 70 PL games on the trot before this Injury…Someone sign up their medical staff…


Marcus Edwards debuted


this is quite good tbf :joy:


A lot of stick from this lot today at work, they sure do love bigging themselves up for the title so early on. They are just as hyperbolic as the scousers, embarrassing stuff.


In a way, if they keep improving, it’s not a terrible thing, as by default, we always some how manage to finish above them in the Wenger era. So if they finish 2nd, then jackpot, here comes the title :trophy:


Flatter to deceive, they are worse bottlers than us. Had the league sown up last year and then completely blew it. They might look good but when the time comes they will never get over the line.

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