Scum thread


It would be such a shame if his season were to be ended by an injury…





Would be huge - and massive break to AW in finding a way to top 4 again. This is mana from heaven for St. Totteringham’s day insurance.


Shit, just was told last night that my brother and nephew have been in London since Thursday and attended the FA Cup match and are going next week as well. Apparently they wanted to get to see shite heart lane before it’s demolished. :joy:


Oh man, its gonna be even worse when they finish above us now :slight_smile:


Punching above their weight, Pochettino is truly an outstanding coach.


They should break the 80 point mark which is a super effort for them.


They can’t be called bottlers anymore.


Well there improving but till they land a trophy their an also ran for me.
I have a horrible feeling though that they will land the cup this season.


The only way it is acceptable for us to finish below Spurs in the league is if we beat them in the FAcup final. Fuck that would be so sweet.


Maybe we should wait until they actually haven’t bottled it before making this kind of statement. :slight_smile:


wonder what original name they will come up with when they finally finish above?


Do you think we are going to finish above them?


I wouldn’t rule it out.


Likewise. Until it’s mathematically impossible I’m not giving up hope. After last season’s implosion anything could happen, even though I think it unlikely.

They absolutely still have to shift their tag as bottlers, let’s not go giving them undue credit.


They are gonna finish second for sure because Liverpool, City, us and Manure are too inconstant to catch them.




These things take time. Some people slated Poch for their bottle job last season but it doesn’t appear to be happening this season. They could have easily gone the other way and been scrapping around 6th but they’ve been very strong again this year. They’ll probably be more comfortable in Europe next season too. They’re definitely on the up so I’ll do the sporting thing and hope they get bankrupted by stadium debt.


Considering they are missing their best player, they are still way ahead of us.

Imagine us without Sanchez, would we still be competing for a top four place?

Them being above us is worse than us not getting CL football next season.

They might have bottled it in previous seasons but they won’t this season, because they have a better manager than us, and a team that knows what they are doing and that are willing to fight for every point.

The next time Wenger mentions our “mental strength,” just look at the gap between us and them, and you’ll realise he is talking rubbish.


Meh. That was also equally true last season.