Scum thread


Spurs have got lot of complains from local Councillors about the lack of cooperation with them, lacks of sustainable job in the area and lack of housing whilst requesting tons of support and perks


£800m for a stadium though…fucking hell i dont think they have the fanbase to get that paid off for a VERY long time, it is damn near £1bn. Look what happened to us trying to pay of stadium costs and to be perfectly honest they dont get much from shirt sponsors and dont have the pull of Arsenal, they will struggle massively!


The economy fucked up our stadium, I’m glad it’s fucking up theirs too.


I’m glad we got our build done yonks ago, well before the economic crisis of 2008. We can’t have that much more debt left to pay off surely? Likes of Chelsea and Spurs are going to feel the pinch of new stadiums for a very long time to come.


Maybe the spuds, but chavski will be bailed out by their scumbag landlord…thats how the rentboys like it huh, 1bn already what’s 1bn more. I really would love it if Abramovich wants his money back, who would buy Chavski (new stadium or not) for well over £2bn NO ONE!


WTF, 800m? Just looked up Allianz Arena for comparison, €286 million. :open_mouth:


Just remembered, isn’t like a quarter of this shit funded by the taxpayer? Or was that tabloid bullshites?


If it was, sure as fuck wont be now, i dont think that the powers that be will allow 1/4 of that shit right there be spent on them. Apparently they stated they will be creating housing and jobs but now it seems they have have diddled on that too and they are not creating what they have said…this whole project has pissed off a lot of people it seems.


27mil from Harringay and Boris.

Still more than anyone gave us…


The numbers used are the initial estimates which are about 7 years old. More recent numbers had the stadium cost 750m already, so this news is pretty misleading.

January 20th

Spurs have released further images outlining what the impressive £750m venue will look like, promising one of the best spectator venues in the world.


Wow. How exciting!! :joy:


They can watch the team while they are fucking their sisters who also happen to be their mothers… Scum porn.


People taking the piss out of us for ticket prices…i want to know what their prices will be then trying to recoup the best part of £1bn, 3-4k for a season ticket for good seats you reckon?


You think they’ll have good seats?


point taken, i’ll reword ‘what they consider good seats’


Why won’t a brand new state of the art stadium have good seats?


If they’re facing the pitch while Tottenham are playing then they’re not good seats :coq::iwobi::mustafi:


I was just taking a pop at the spuds and their general shitness Mr serious. :smiley:



I’m sorry, let me add



Harry “Mouthbreather” Kane could miss the rest of the season