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The fact nobody knows or mentions this is evidence of the massive gap between the size of our clubs. Nothing else is expected of Tottenham

Edit: and the trophy referred to in that tweet was the league cup. They last won the FA Cup in 1991 and league in 1961 lol






Just saw the highlights. Like Slag said, “FOYS!”:jakey:


Hopefully we can make a better fist of the Europa league next year than what they did this year.


“Spurs will always let you down”.


Just get lost, lol!


I’m just being realistic and with our remaining schedule and form we are in I don’t think we are better than 50-50 to finish top 4. If we do happen to play Europa League next season, I’d like to see us take it seriously.


When was the last time you didn’t think we’d drop out the top 4?




Predicted us top 4 every year I’ve been on the forum. I think this year with the form we are in though, the competition being stronger & our schedule remaining we may just fall short. United having games every 3 days will work in our favour, I suppose it could come down to if the Yids bottle it again.


It genuinely is a close call. Spuds/Liverpool have an easier run in (less top 6), but Liverpool do fluff allot of none top 6 games so it might not make much of a difference. I think City have about the same or 1 less. United have the most and plenty away from home but arguably have the best form/football below Chelsea.

So in theory you’d think it’d be Spurs second with City, Liverpool and us fighting for 2 spots. Not that I actually care anymore. Oh we have Stoke and Southampton away too and the players don’t look like they’re putting a shift in.


We are not good to win the title, but we have enough to finish in the top 4.


I think spurs will be top four, and Chelsea will win the PL.
But I also think Man U will be top four as well, which leaves us, Liverpool and Man City for the other place.

Our last four games are all difficult, and unless we are a few points ahead, I can’t see us in the CL places.

We are going to have to rely on other clubs having more of a bad run in than us.

I’ve said for a while that I don’t think we will finish above spurs but I also think, with the Wenger indecision, we won’t get CL football either.
I hope I’m wrong about both but there have been too many seasons where it has gone to the last game, and we can’t keep relying on spurs "bottling it."
Even if they do, there’s still Man City, Man U and Liverpool.

I’d settle for us being fifth, if spurs are a place behind.


You did say United would finish above us when they signed Schneiderlin and Schweinsteiger though. :wink:


They’re 6th and their run in is brutal: Chelsea (h), City (a), Arsenal (a), Spurs (a), Southampton (a), Everton (h). Then they have Europa.

I can’t see it.


[quote=“arsenescoatmaker, post:338, topic:135, full:true”]

They’re 6th and their run in is brutal: Chelsea (h), City (a), Arsenal (a), Spurs (a), Southampton (a), Everton (h). Then they have Europa.

I can’t see it.
[/quote]I hope you’re right because it will mean they will go yet another season without PL football, and the board are going to struggle to justify another massive spend.

But they have had several games this season where they should have won, but because of either bad luck or bad finishing, have dropped points, and if they carry on playing the way they are, they should start to catch up.

I think the Wenger indecision is what is going to hold us back, and also our poor form as well.


They’re too rich, I think they’ll spend their way back sooner or later. The only potential banana skin is sponsorship’s devalueing for not reaching the CL.

I think the ‘bad luck’ ‘bad finishing’ is something their fans have made up to justify their belief that they’re better than they are. Most of the chances they created in those games weren’t easy to finish and they’ve had plenty of good luck too. Ie offside goals allowed, their players who should of been sent off.


OMG if this is true by god are they fucked, quoted 400m now will cost 800m brexit gets a big blame and the prices were 7 years ago when first quoted haha. Hope the same happens to chavski.