Scum thread


I’ll give you that Liverpool team.

That Chelsea team won the title in 09/10 nonetheless. The quality was there.


Eh, they finished 6th in the league that season, same as Liverpool when they won it.

The quality is still there in Leicester, doesn’t mean they aren’t shitting the bed,


So? That Liverpool team actually worked a miracle. Chelsea had been close and in the latter rounds for several years around that period.

Leicester was an exemption in every possible way. I don’t understand how people keep taking that team as an example to prove a point (not just you). I do think their current League position is more in line with their actual quality than when they won the League btw.


I think this just points out that Eriksen was just a shrewd bit of business by Spurs rather than Ozil being poor business by us. I rate Eriksen as a player highly but I still think that Ozil is the superior footballer.


I agree.

Eriksen was better value for money but Ozil was a proven player, and Wenger was under immense pressure to buy an elite player, after several seasons of selling top quality players, and also that his biggest signing was only 16m.

If we had bought Eriksen I think the protests against Wenger and the board would have got even bigger.
Also buying a player like Ozil rather than Eriksen was probably an influence Sanchez decision to come here.

I think Pochettino is the main reason spurs are doing so well and he has got the best out of players like Kane, Eriksen, Alli. Rose etc, as well as making their defence the best in the PL.

If they can keep hold of Pochettino and we keep Wenger, I see them overtaking us, so I hope that one of Europe’s big clubs comes in for him.


Yeah I was going to say something similar. Remember the mood around the club when we bought Özil? it was one of the best days of my life :grin: It was massive. Signing Eriksen wouldn’t have had anywhere near that impact. When we signed Özil we didn’t just get a player, we got belief that we could attract those kind of players and that there would be more to come. It felt like a turning point for Arsenal.


How do you know he clearly has a better attitude and demeanour on the pitch? That’s baseless.

Only 2-3 months ago he came under widespread criticism for his poor form. That was only a couple months after his manager came out and said his initial early season poor form (and end of season poor form from the previous season) was because of length contract negotiations. Hardly a great indicator of good attitude.

Eriksen is an inconsistent player and I’ve had plenty of my Spurs supporting friends tell me the same thing. He’s either incredibly good or plays way below par.


But alas 4 years later Sanchez and Ozil are likely to head for the exits and it will feel like 2011 all over again.


Indeed. I wonder how much Spurs would take for Eriksen? :arteta:


Ozil was playing for Madrid at the age of 21-22 and became the most prolific playmaker in Europe. Eriksen isnt fit enough to clean his boots.


Fuck spurs…


Only cost them €15 million too which is pretty much the same as Eriksen at a similar age. Only difference is one went to the worlds biggest club the other went to England’s 5th or 6th best team. One became a world class playmaker, world renowned and moved onto a big English club whilst the other is still in the same place churning out inconsistent performances.


Because ozil doesnt ever churn out inconsistency does he? :smile:

Though i agree with your overall sentiment.


Are you going to spend the next few days harassing me lol



They can’t even say/write the word with a straight face…


Time spent thinking of spurs is a waste of it ooops ive just blown 5 seconds .


Days? PAH. Welcome to the rest of your life my fantastically bearded friend.


Just three or four top players needed.



is this guy serious Might win silverware like the Capital One cup, but the EPL, not unless there is another ‘Leicester Season’