Scum thread


It sounds like a pragmatic approach, it’s the beer soaked lads who might get in a a scrap, not the chilled guys who just smoked a fat one haha. Sounds too sensible for the old bill though lol.

@SLAG I’m pretty sure I was in block 10 but I might have that confused with my seat at the Emirates. I was right behind the goal in the Clock End, slightly more towards the left goal post as I looked out at the pitch. The smell seems to drift across from my right, so it probably was those two blokes near you haha


block 20 was just to right of goal, 19 was next to away may have been in ROW 10? 1 being closest to pitch…


Definitely row 11, now you say it Block 20 sounds right


4 rows in front of me…the culprits sat next to me…


Ha! How amazing! :smile:


another stupid goalkeeper mistake!


I so hope that’s true haha. When I visit my mum I’ll go up in the loft and dig out my Arsenal memorabilia crate and check one of my old season tickets to confirm


She’s a good lady for keeping all that for you. My mom trashed all my stuff as soon as I moved out :joy:


It’s up in a fairly spacious loft so it’s not really much of a sign of her love for me haha




Premium from the spuds…hhmmmm must be like moving from HIV to full blown AIDS.


So with all the chat about Ozil being useless in our other thread I thought I’d do an analysis between Ozil and Eriksen since I remember when we got Ozil, I really wanted us to sign Christian Eriksen. Obviously I’m biased because I’m Danish, but Christian Eriksen cost £11m and had a few stellar seasons at Ajax and thought he’d be worth the punt ahead of an older Ozil.

A lot of people would shout me down for it, not too much on here but on Reddit in particular.

I thought it would be fun to look at the numbers quickly. This is just for the league.

Ozil 20 goals 41 assists 8983 minutes

Eriksen 28 goals 40 assists 10136 minutes

So overall Eriksen has contributed 7 goals more but with around 1,143 minutes more played. Not a big discrepancy.

Ozil ends with an average of a goal/assist every 147.2 minutes. Eriksen ends with an average of a goal/assist every 149.1 minutes.

Now, if you ask me, that 1.9 minutes does not equate to a worth of an additional £31,000,000 in his transfer fee. Add on to that the fact that Ozil can only play in the CAM position (he really doesn’t work out on the wing for us). Comparatively, Eriksen has been used to great effect in the CM, CAM and LW/RW positions and can play anywhere he’s needed while also being 4 years younger than Ozil. He also seems to be less injury prone.

In my opinion, Eriksen has been a better buy than Ozil. Spurs have gotten much more out of him than we have Ozil for the money both teams spent.

For a significant period of that time, Eriksen has played for an inferior Spurs team surrounded by players who didn’t have chemistry and weren’t on a world class level while Ozil was surrounded by players who had played together for years on end and who overall were a much higher quality than Spurs.

Just thought it would be fun to run the numbers.


I think there’s an unbelievable amount of bias in your post, which isn’t surprising.

Eriksen was a 21 year old prospect when Spurs signed him, Ozil was an established world class playmaker. That’s why your point about the fee doesn’t make any sense. Eriksen was purchased on the basis that he might be good whereas Ozil was purchased on the basis that we already know he’s good.

As for this inferior Spurs team point. It’s just not really true anymore because there isn’t a tremendous amount of difference in squads and some will have you believe that Pochettino is one of the world’s best young manager.

As for worth the punt ahead of an “older Ozil”. He was 25 when we signed him lol. Hardly the age where you might want to think twice about signing him and edge towards the unproven prospect instead.


ffs @Cristo he’s tottenham you biast dane :wink:

Ozil is better and the one we 100% should have signed.


All fair points, but I still think Eriksen has turned out to be the better signing.

He’s had a better output, he’s several years younger, he was £31,000,000 cheaper, less injury prone, much better set piece taker and much more versatile.

He clearly also seems to have a better attitude and demeanour on the pitch, although that doesn’t always correlate with winning and having a winning mentality.

Just because he plays for Spurs doesn’t mean I can’t want a player. I’d love to have Kane, Lloris and Danny Rose too.


When you talk about a 24-year old and a 21-year old, at the time, this is such a non-argument imo.

Ozil’s transfer also had a lot of symbolic meaning for us as a club. Something buying an unknown Danish player would not have. Sadly we didn’t build on that.


I guess that’s the crux of it.

Ozil seems like the kind of player who needs the players around him to motivate him to reach his most efficient output, he’s obviously not a strong personality like Gerrard or Lampard or Vieira and Henry who could drag a team across the finish line.

In many ways it’s probably Wenger’s fault more than Ozil’s that he hasn’t had a bigger impact.


Nobody can carry a mediocre team past the finish line tbf.


Tell that to the 2005 CL Liverpool team and Gerrard or the Chelsea team that won the CL.


I wouldn’t be against this signing. Eriksen could easily play in a 3-man midfield or together with Ozil.