Scum thread


The headline is a bit shite, but he doesn’t exactly sound receptive to going there.


He is staying in England to replace Mourinho one day, imo.


Just musing, but what if he ends up here?


Then I’d think the Spurs fans would riot. Be worth it just for the lols.

But no, I can’t see that ever happening. Though I wouldn’t be against it.


No chance, but it would be funny.


Even funnier if he bought Kane and Ali with him.


I’d have to u-turn on these cunts so quickly I’d evaporate.


Personally think we’re too obsessed with a small club. I hate Chelsea or Man United more.


Not quite but almost there.
Q. what do u think about tottenham ?
A. I dont think about them !
Next !


True banter with the entertainment director of a cruise ship I was on this last autumn:

He: White Hart Lane? Do they still play football up there?
Me: They never did.



swamp dwelling inbreds

suppose we better lap it up while we still can, i dont think Wenger will leave until he finishes below them…catch 22



Looks fucking terrible, looks like a shit attempt of that bird nest stadium.


Isn’t that Chelsea’s new stadium though, not Spurs?


They are both scum so i guess in reality this is the best place to put it haha


going to need a hell of a lot of matchsticks and glue to build that


Oh shit my bad I just saw it on Twitter and had a laugh, thought it was the scums new place as I know they are building something.


Spurs’ new stadium actually looks even more like a toilet than Chelsea’s :smile:


Same architects apparently.