Scum thread


I dunno, Pedo bear in the back is always a winner for me.


Tbf they all look like pedophiles on that picture and not the creppy “want some candy kid” type, but the “has a suit made of children skin” type.


A big reason for the general cuntishness up at the lane is the ever present inferiority they feel in relation to their north London neighbours. You know, the oppressed and downtrodden are always angry. In a nutshell, fuck 'em.


All their key players signed up now!

Mike Dean last 7 spurs games:

6 Wins
1 Draw
0 Losses

5 Penalties awarded for Spurs
3 Red cards given to opposition


First he was a Manure fan (Manc Dean), but after Sir Alex’s retire he has chosen Tottenumb.


Rumours in the media about Pochettino being wanted by Barcelona next season.

Yes please.


Also Alli or Deli, whichever, rumoured to Barca or Real. Good. He can fuck off, too.


We might be able to beat them again then :wink:


Pochettino to Barcelona and Melbourne City here in Australia are looking for a manger so Wenger to them.


I’ve believed that Barça would come in for Pochetino for a long time now, he’d fit them very well.

I’d be surprised if he wanted to manage Barça right now if I’m honest, although I admit this does sound rather ridiculous. He has a pretty young, developing squad at Spurs right now, with some good talent cowing through.


I think he’s building something really special at spurs but if anyone gets the chance to manage Messi, Suarez and Neymar it would be a brave choice to knock it back.


Tuned in at 60 minutes and it was still 0-0, meaning the odds had crept up to 1.83

Basically free money.

Re the rumours, I’d be absolutely over the moon if Pochettino left, more so than if they lost any one player.


LEPER :campbell:


Haha I don’t understand?!


Leper just likes to let people know why bookies have odds set up a certain way etc and how it doesn’t necesarily mean something etc, especially with transfers.


Yeah but I don’t see how that relates to my post mate haha.

I was just saying that because it was the 60th minute and still level it meant that the odds on a Tottenham win were much better than they usually would be against a Championship team at home.


oh thought you were talking about odds via a bookie or something as regards that, sorry!


Full kit wanker


I find it pretty funny that Harry Kane has just named his baby daughter Ivy Jane Kane. Should have just skipped the Ivy part IMO :smile_cat:


Fucking tube strikers