Scum thread


Kane signed a new deal. Big one for them.


They got Kane, hopefully we can get Ozil & Sanchez.


Not sure if they were really concerned about losing him tbh. Maybe ManUtd would have been an option but apart from them I can’t really imagine that there were too many clubs looking to get him.


I sure as fuck would have taken him lol.


Well, that’s not what I was saying though. Given the options I would take him too but that’s about as realistic as Jack playing for them.


Don’t know how to link the video in the tweet… but it’s brilliant!


you can’t embed twitter vids on the new forum. you have to use this website.

paste the twitter link in the search box hit download and then post the full link in your post and it will embed!


Spurs day night football is alive and well.


Ha ha ha, I’m still laughing at them cocks


Yep, off they go to their second tier wildernesses of eastern Europe on Thursday nights. Nice.


Back where they belong


You know what’s really fucking me off today, the media bias towards Spurs! Seeing headlines like “Magical Harry breaks spell of Wembley” and lots of congratulations about them “qualifying” for the Europa League. They didn’t qualify for it, they were relegated to it!


Jewish run media…


They need all the help they can get - rag media an’ all. Europa League in a poncy new ground.:wenger:


Spurs Christmas party. We did the fancy dress thing better…


They are definitely the dirtiest team in the league. It’s about time someone teaches them a lesson.



Such a dirty cuntish player. I do really hate him, even more than Costa.


I think he is just passionate, showing resilience and mental strength.


No, he is an arrogant cunt who just loves to kick his opponents to hurt them. Just look at the way he tackles everytime.