Scum thread


I wonder how much of a difference playing home CL games at WHL would have made, reminds me of us when we didn’t play them at Highbury in the late 90s.


They came good? But still finished 3rd in a two horse race .


They bought Coupe and yeah Paulinho, Stambouli too IIRC. Lamela has done OK but he’s still someone that doesn’t produce enough, Erikson is a good player though, same goes for Dembele.

I’d definitely say they wasted the dough, every time they get in the CL they don’t capitalise on it which of course is hilarious. With the Bale money they would have been better served getting in at least one world class player maybe two.

In the last transfer window the best they could do was Sissoko who is a squad player if that for any club with major ambition and looks like they’ve realised it lol. Their squad isn’t great at all it’s their organisation and defensive nous that sets them apart, also the depth of their squad is piss poor. I rate Pochettino because he’s done a great job with a squad that is just above average.


Why do people keep saying this? They can’t ‘capitalise’ on getting in the CL, because any player that would improve them, is also on the radar of City, Chelsea, United, Liverpool and Arsenal and would go to one of those five clubs rather than Tottenham Hotspur.


They can surely do better than Moussa fucking Sissoko for £30mil that’s for sure.

If they’re serious about improving then they should be looking at the likes of Isco et al. Also those players can be on the radards of the bigger teams but they won’t necessarily start there and that plays a factor.


You don’t think somebody like Isco would move to one of those five clubs I mentioned if he became available even if he’s minutes are not guarenteed? There is also competition outside the Premier League for those players.


Not really no what’s the point going from that situation at Real to a similar situation in the PL? Might as well continue to stock his trophy cabinet in Madrid.

He’s at an age where he needs to be starting every week as near enough undisputed starter.

My point is that’s what they should be shooting for, not pissing their money away on sub par players as funny as it is and long may it continue.


And they are. I read some quotes today from Redknapp who claimed they were after and talking with Hazard and Suarez back in the day. But in the end those players didn’t, and won’t, join them, because they are not Chelsea/Liverpool etc.


Thier sitation is a bit different now in that they have very good manager and a young squad that can mix it with anyone in the league, add CL football into that objectively it could be much worse for a player that is looking to go to a team to play regularly whilst also being in a competitive team.

With that said Isco isn’t Hazard, Suarez and the like.

Mane is another player who they could of gone after and shits on Sissoko.


In addition to those you mention, there was Chiriches, Soldado, and Chadli, too. Even spuddies were going “who the fuck’s that”. Poor return for the 110M overall.


Won’t be long before players like Eriksen leave them I think. He could be even better at a stronger team.


Oh yeah Chiriches was God awful and how could I have forgotten the legendary Pendado.

If Janssen isn’t careful he’ll attain the same legendary status.


Yeah no way are Spurs getting an Isco-level player at this point… they aren’t quite there… a few more years of reliable CL and maybe, but not now.


You could say the same for any other club, big or small. Poaching or attracting players from smaller clubs is a natural feature in football. I’m talking about them finishing high in the league table, essentially fighting for CL spots. They’ve come closer and closer in recent seasons (some Arsenal fans even saying they are closing in on us).

They are on a slow upward curve (new stadium being built, great manager, decent team and always seem to have a good source of cash) but can they sustain all of this whilst they go through the troubles of building a new stadium? You need money to keep/buy players. Depends on how they afford it all really.


Which genius was harping on about we should have signed Jansen or a striker of his level earlier in the transfer window?


Jassen’s spell at Spurs so far is hardly definitive. I think he’s a quality striker tbh he’s a promising young targetman


Paulinho £17,000,000
Nacer Chadli £7,000,000
Roberto Soldado £25,800,000
Etienne Capoue £8,600,000
Christian Eriksen £11,000,000
Erik Lamela £25,800,000
Vlad Chiriches £8,500,000

I actually thought they’d do really well at the time. Soldado and Paulinho were flops. Capoue a clogger (I remember when everyone wanted him). Erikson pretty good. Lamela turned out decent. But overall shite.


To be fair, they were never going to replace Bale.

Players with a talent of that level are irreplaceable.

Alexis and Ozil combined still don’t quite do what he did ffs.


They can’t get Isco level. Sissoko was a panic buy imo. The reason they agreed to pay so much was because Newcastle accepted 5m a season for 6 years. They do need to get players from France, Holland and Germany that others won’t take a risk on. They probably couldn’t finance it but going in for 50m or 60m for Lacazette would make sense because no one else was willing to pay that price and it’d take them up a level.


Erikson is an absolute bargain buy at that price, very good footballer.