Scottish Football


If theres already a thread move it to there…
Come on Hibs… Aberdeen have too many spurs connections. 2-2 at present


Looks like Aberdeen fans would rather be down with their tottnum pals


Aberdeen through, jammy fuckers…


What is the Aberdeen Tottenham connection?


a violent one…


@Calum @Electrifying


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@Calum @Electrifying
[/quote]Like they give a toss :laughing:

I’m going to rename this as the main Scottish Football thread. There’s going to be little demand for anything more than one thread on dross Football. Let’s keep it all in here.


Should be a popular thread :gunnersaurus:


I don’t know. There’s an Arsene Wenger thread, an Aaron Ramsey thread, a Gabriel Paulista thread and a Francis Coquelin thread so we’re certainly not afraid to discuss dross football here.


Kolo Toure joined the technical staff of Celtic.

We got five (?) Invincibles working as coaches/assistents, but none at Arsenal. Seems a bit weird :sweat_smile:.


I have to meet him. I have to.