Santi Cazorla


Gonna follow Villarreal this season just for Santi. So happy for such a good lad.


Extremely happy for him. He is a player that no one can hate or wish ill upon. I wish him all the best and hope he continues playing for a few more years.


Would love to face Villarreal in the Europa League this season :slight_smile:


Glutton for punishment arent you!


We are currently auctioning a signed jersey of Santi Cazorla for charity - all proceeds will be forwarded to “Bola pra frente”, a children’s aid project in Rio de Janeiro. More information:

We hope the topic is okay here, if not, let us know.


Love it what a guy :arteta:


Just brilliant!


I dont get it, they’re only just doing the reveal now? Thought he went ages ago.


Yeah, but that was just a trial. He’s only just been given a contract – had to prove his fitness in pre-season first.


That was fucking stupid. I’d write it into my contract if I was a player that I wasn’t doing any stupid reveal bollocks.


Every pro footballer is a millennial these days no matter what age they are. Gotta have that good insta material.