Santi Cazorla


That line of thinking only applies if we need the money, which we dont.


It’s a miracle he can still walk :hipster:



I was for keeping Cazorla before we found out about this latest setback, but now I think you’ve got to be reaching to find a good reason to do so.


Sorry Santi no sentiment in football out you go.

Can’t afford to keep players who never play


If we sell or let go of Gibbs, Debuchy, Wilshere, Cazorla, Lucas, Jenkinson, and Walcott - who together contributed next to nothing to the team in the spring - that shaves a little over 500K per week off the wage bill.

We have a big wage bill mainly because we have a stupidly big squad.


High wage bill with a squad that has a good deal of mediocre players.

Sounds about right.


Class runs deep in the club. We wont be letting Cazorla go in the middle of his rehab. Wages or not.


Arsenal can take back 25M from the wage will only selling useless players like Lucas, Debuchy, Jenkinson and Wilshere.


Aren’t most contract appearance related? Either way Mertesacker just won us the FA Cup and half a season of Cazorla gives us a world class player for half a season. I hope his career isn’t over and BFG could work very well in a back 3 next year if we persist with it.


If we re-newed his contract we don’t have a choice anyway. Get well soon Santi you little genius


I didn’t count on Rosicky for the last two years of his time here, nor Arteta for the last 1+!of his. Cazorla and Wilshere have sadly morphed into these two.

Our midfield options are Xhaka, Ramsey, Chamberlain (who I still believe wants out) and Coquelin/Elneny, of whom only one is really required. If not paper thin, it’s still an area needing an upgrade


People want leadership in the squad but was in favour to sack Arteta & Rosicky and now want to sack Cazorla and Mertesacker.


Didn’t realise you had to be 30+ and perma-crocked to provide leadership, interesting


Well, now you do.


Other players love him.


Being loved doesn’t equal being a great leader.


I love him too but the Premier League is unforgiving and if he’s had that many operations to try and correct the situation, I wonder if it’s worth it by the time he’s back playing in February.

4 mths max of the season and he’s definitely not getting another extension beyond summer 18 you would think


He is important into the dressing room, he is a positive presence, like Mertesacker.

and as Mertesacker he isn’t a starter and neither a first reserve, but a classic squad player.


That’s an assumption.

Guys like yourself keep complaining how we don’t have funds compared to other clubs. So every penny is needed. Hence we really can’t afford to spend millions on crooked players, can we?


Achilles injuries are bad by they own, an achilles injury that refuses to heal is a death sentence. Chances are that Cazorla won’t be able to ever walk without some type of discomfort.