Santi Cazorla


At least out until December…


He signed a one year contract extension in January.

I love Cazorla – may not have always been the best player but he was often the most important. It’s going to be hard to replace him as there is very little around with his attributes, but his time is unfortunately done :santi:


Poor Santi. I really can’t be dealing with there being any reliance on him for next season. We would be sensible looking for an upgrade even without the plague of injury he’s been suffering from, given his age.


That’s 2 or 3 setbacks now…


As good and influential as he is, we can’t keep hold of players like this.
He is the latest in a long line of very good but injury prone players that spend the majority of the time on the physic’s bench.

We need an equivalent replacement, as last season without him proved.


He’s a non-factor now and can no longer be considered a player that can contribute towards a campaign, needs to be replaced this summer.

Goreztka, Tolisso, Keita et al there are so many young talented CM’s that we can bring into the ranks to both add quality and sure up the midfield.

If Xhaka gets injured for a sustained period we’re fucked, we can’t be doing this anymore but with Wenger staying on it’s almost a forgone conclusion.


I’m glad we know this now and not a few weeks into the season. Unfortunately we seem to really need the writing to be on the wall for our manager to be proactive so hopefully this moves a top class CM to top of the priories list.

Well that or Jack Wilshere ffs…


Jack Wilshere it is.


Mertesacker during the FA Cup final showed why Arsène has opted to exercise the clause to renew his contract. The german and Cazorla are important for the players in the dressing room, they are two positive guys and I’m not againt to have them as 24th and 25th players of our first team.


Yeah. We should just give them career-contracts. Why shouldn’t we do that?


I know, on Fifa isn’t important to have a positive atmosphere into the dressing room. There aren’t sentiments on Fifa.


Exactly. Just give them both 4 year extensions.


Such a shame. Hard to replace a player with Santi’s skill without paying mega bucks. We should go all out for ISCO


Didn’t even know it, lol! Guess we will be lucky to see him play once next season.



We are paying them around 200k a week between them.

For that money we could pay a world class player and let them be positive on the pitch.

What other club gives such big contracts to so many crocks?


Damn seems that injury was the beginning of the end for him.

Sad shit.


Arsenal can’t buy a WC player because pay Mertesacker and Cazorla = Football Manager & Fifa mode ON.


I don’t know what you are talking about.
But I’m assuming you’re happy paying crocks millions every season as long as they are good at motivating the players in the dressing room.

I would prefer to spend the money on some world class players wages.


I think it’s fair to keep one of them but having both of them on high wages doesn’t seem like a sensible decision. Cazorla wont be available until the end of this year at the earliest and probably won’t be completely match fit until the beginning of next year. So it makes sense to release him this summer instead of giving him the extension we gave him.