Santi Cazorla


At least with his injuries, in the twilight of his career, we can all appreciate how much of a steal Santi was for £15m.

Him and Koscielny have to go down as two of the best signings Wenger has ever made.


Not enough mobility between them, we’d be even leakier defensively than we are now and struggle to get up and down the pitch.


3-man midfield :wink:


As much as I like Cazorla, there really is no point in giving him a new contract.
He has missed a whole season, and there is no guarantee he will not get injured again, and he is too old and injury prone.

Wenger must start to learn that persisting with players like this, is a waste of our resources.
Saying that, we won’t replace him with anyone who is as good, so either way we lose out.


Well it was a question and like u im not a world football expert . What I am saying is that due to his age we should have looked to replace him or had him on the wings last season . Instead weve extended his contract for a year after this season when he might never play again . Without him weve been shit but keeping players who are not fit on huge wages is something we do all the time and i dont understand. Rosicky Arteta BFG and now Santi .




I agree and have said this before, the ruthlessness is hard to stomach but I think the odds of Cazorla being perma-crocked (to borrow a tabloid phrase) is higher than us getting meaningful game time out of him next season, or to put it another way from now on. I just don’t trust ankle injuries.

That said I also value the sort of experience Cazorla brings and it’s a good idea to keep some of the older ones around. I’d sooner trim the fat by moving on the likes of Gabriel, Coquelin and Ramsey first.


Great post, totally agree. :welbeck:

Seriously though, Ramsey is, to repeat myself (fancy that! xD), a cunt, but I would definitely keep him between him and Ox. But obviously best case would be to be rid of them both.


Oh yeah totes. I’d conduct such a brutal purge of our overly comfortable, underachieving failure addicts, it would make Chairman Mao blush


Yeah but remember we actually need to be able to field a team as well. And if you sack 10 players then you need to be able to replace them with players at least somewhat better than them. In no world are we going to be able to get rid of players like Monreal, Giroud, Oxlade, Coquelin etc. And be guaranteed to replace them all with players some degree better in this transfer market.

We’d end up having to buy a load of promising teenagers and be right back square one.


I would rather have a massive purge and replacement than the current system of only replacing when theres no fit player left an persisting with also ran players like monreal . we ovepaid massively for mustafi because we failed to replace the bfg . theres very gew id keep to be honest but i realise thats not practical.


What Im saying is we keep expensive injured back ups which prevent us with bringing an effective i person younger less injury prone player in ! As an example Payet was available 2 seasons ago and if we had had him in the squad 2 seasons ago we might have challenged for the title as Santo was injured for a chunk ,and this too ! Instead we had Arteta and risicky as back up who were injured throughout their last season !1


Apparently has had several surgeries since November including another one this week, apparently 5 months out from this point in time.


Wtf his had 8 operations on his Achilles since November, I love the guy but it’s time to let him go.



Shame, brilliant little player but on the brink of 33 and barely played in 2 years his time is done one would think.


Watch Wenger claim that we don’t need another CM because we have Cazorla.


The sad thing about it is I can actually see that happening, he’ll probably say something like this too.


His achilles is in bits. Shouldn’t really be considered an option and somebody is needed to replicate his quality for our team.


Doesn’t his contract expire next month? How is the situation?


He’s cooked.

Time to move on