Santi Cazorla


Wenger on Cazorla’s injury: “It could be a bit longer [than 3 months]. I have the schedule that he is not planned to go outside & run.”



So his recovery isn’t going as planned, probably need to open the cheque book this window and not for another elneny.


So we have no Elneny, Coquelin out for a month, Wilshere at Bournemouth and Santi is probably out for the rest of the season.

Ramsey isn’t good enough and Xhaka continues to churn out poor performances.

It’s fair to say that what is left of our title challenge rests solely on Wenger’s activity this January.


I think almost every Arsenal supporter knows what Wenger’s activity will be in this transfer window.


I think Santi is done here :cry::cry:

Can see him getting an Arteta style send off at the last home game of the season.


Why the fuck do our players take longer to recover compared with the others?


I think you’re probably right.
At his age and with his injury record it’s likely that his career will go along the same lines as Rosicky and Arteta’s, and I don’t think Wenger will take a risk with a player on such high wages who has been out for so long.

He is a player who we have missed this season, and is going to be very difficult to replace.


I can’t remember where I read it, so don’t take this as fact, but I saw something saying the club have an option to extend his deal by a year like we had in the past with Rosicky (I think).


It’s a very Arsenal thing to think of, and maybe I’m ingrained with this line of thought, but what about promoting a youngster? It’s hardly inspiring and I did think of Zelalem, but he doesn’t seem to be ripping stuff up like we all thought he might by now. Toral maybe?

I would personally like a big name, promising young player to be bought in to ideally fill Santi’s role but I feel like that would be a summer thing for us now.


Whats Frimpong up to these days? I liked him.




Second year running we lose both Coq and Santi for extended periods. Oh to be a gooner.


Coq matters little IMO but yeah Santi is a huge loss.


Our best results come when they are partners in midfield.


Yeah not arguing with that is the statistics prove that, but most of Coq’s valuable aspects became redundant once Cazorla got injured is what I was trying to say.


Interesting. He did tend to stand out when partnered with santi tbh.


Wenger regarding Mertesacker and Cazorla:


Gets better by every game he misses like Wilshire. Never fit, never available just get shut ffs.
Bores the life out of me how people harp on about consistantly injured players at this club.


I love Santi but I have big question marks on extending a player that will be on the verge of 33 and barely played in 2 seasons.


Forgot he existed. Its not worth it to give an OAP a deal. Been a great player and can leave Arsenal on a high like Rosicky.