Santi Cazorla


Sad santi :santi:


Real won’t sell now that Bale looks to be out for a significant period and he’d cost big in Jan.

I expect a late bid for someone Källström’s ilk or no one at all.


That’s what he told me.


Are he and Santi at all alike?


Not expecting to see him in an Arsenal shirt again and a sad way to end his underrated career at Arsenal, but a real lifeline for Wilshere.

Can’t disagree with the ‘season over’ argument, he really is that important over the course of a season.


They are very similar in terms of how Santi used to be a #10 and also deployed out wide.

Very little reason to think Isco couldn’t make the same transition Santi made.


Both spanish


When Isco is Santi’s age he’ll slide into CM.

Which when you think about it is fucking harsh on all our young CM’s.



Been thinking this a lot lately. Was a little worried that it was all based around height racism.


I was impressed with him in that last match at the emirates. Seems like he can do it all.


He’s worth over £50mil in this market.

Fantastic player though love how he plays, he’s what I hoped Jack would become.





Such a shit food he is eating :wenger:


No one going to wish our little magician a happy birthday today?

Here’s to you Santi.




We have been deprived of Santi for too many months.


And we are still in the mix. Image where we would be with him.


Beautiful footballer. Absolutely love his talent and is clearly a lovely bloke (practically needless to say as it’s impossible for anyone to dislike the guy anyway). It’s a massive shame he can’t be fit for a whole season because when he’s on form he’s in the very top class of players this league has to offer. Hand on heart I believe that.