Santi Cazorla


It’s incredibly vague, so essentially he’s not going to die from it?

Thanks Wenger!


They’ve bullshitted us on injury news before. When he’s back on the pitch I’ll believe it’s not serious.


Wenger once said Rosicky had a strange injury that isn’t serious and he missed 18 months… so fuck knows what stable means in regards to Cazorla.


And they kept saying Wilshere had a slight injury then the transfer window shut and he had to have season ending surgery.


Didn’t Welbeck also apparently have a minor injury only for the window to close and him be out until gone Christmas?

We could play this game all day tbh haha


Yeah I think he ended up returning early February from that minor injury did Welbz.


I got it.





Season over. Pack up your bits and leave quietly.


Wouldn’t bu surprised of it. You don’t fix an achilles injury without an operation.


And that’s all she wrote


If it’s true, if there’s a recall option with Jack we should exercise it in January.


League lost.
Or Xhaka to step up drastically.


And bury him under pressure? Nah. Let him finish the season with Bournemouth. We need to sign another cm.


What pressure? It’s nothing new to him he’d just come and play and tbh Jack is one of the last guys in the squad to crumble under pressure.

Buying a new CM in Jan would be useless because it’d be a stop-gap or an Elneny type of singing which is just another body without the requisite quality.


Isco can still be bought. Even in January.


He would come in in some kind of saviour-role, because we couldn’t do without him. I don’t what to put him in such a position. Just let him play a full season again.

I would finish the season with Coquelin, Elneny, Xhaka and Ramsey in that position. A new cm is not going to change our title chances regardless.


Not possible.


I would definitely prefer to see him finish his season at Bournemouth and that will be the case now anyways as a recall option wasn’t included. In any case this kind of injury at Santa’s age is not a good sign.

A quality CM could improve our chances somewhat, the stats on our win percentage with and without Santi is very telling.

I would kill for Dahoud.