Robin Van Persie



I mean, I think it was fair game. :grimacing:

But, still, he’s just a United prick as far as I’m concerned.


@Brady for the record he was not forced out.

I think it was JohnnyH who out the hammer on that discussion. Or was it bigspuds?


Forgot he even existed


I thought it was common sense tbh.


Have I walked back to 2013?! Why are we debating this again :joy:


Nope, we are playing in the Europa League now :slight_smile:


Why is this thread bumped. Dont care about this tosser one bit.


He might retire from football this summer


Thank fck - his statement a year before he goes to Utd, “why would I go there, I want to win trophies with Arsenal’ !!

Ungrateful bastard !!


He was right, but that statement was a disrespect.

That’s all I was against him for, especially after time proved him right.

No problems with Cesc or any of the others though.


I simply understand why he left, I would have loved him to stay and be the best player in the league for another season fighting for 4th place, but he made the right choice whilst he was at that level and was the key part in a title winning team.


Again same bullshit. No one asked whether him moving was right decision or not.

How do you feel about his approach of getting the move?


Anyone can leave if they want. But if you’re our captain and best player and join one of our biggest rivals then I reserve the right to call a cunt