Rob Holding (16)


Well yeah, obviously. If we were successful then it would prove that his leadership wasn’t really a problem. But seeing as we aren’t doing as well as we should be then his way of doing things should be questioned, just as the manager’s should be and the players should be. Because we aren’t doing as well as we should be.

That’s a selective quote from a lengthy post, I don’t want it to look like I’m cherry picking a tiny thing I can disagree with. There is a lot of sense in your post to be fair, I don’t mind admitting that you are more knowledgeable about some of these things.

For instance, I’ve evidently misused some terms. Like investment vehicle, I evidently don’t know what this term means lol. I didn’t mean that the club had been used in leverage or anything like that. All I meant was that he merely sees the club as a good opportunity for investment. Buy it, let it tick over nicely because it is self-sustaining and appreciates in value. Maybe one day sell it at an increased price.

I also didn’t know that backdoor dividends was an actual term and something that was illegal. I used backdoor in a non legal way, it was just the word that came to my mind to describe what it looks like. If he is providing a genuine service to the tune of three million, that is the kind of contract that goes out to tender. Instead it was given to a company owned by Stan Kroenke. This doesn’t look like transparent behaviour. This is all I meant by back door, not that he’d actually committed an illegal act.

As for the quote part, I’ve read what you’ve posted there, you aren’t enlightening me with full context lol. It doesn’t make it any better. It was said that moving to the new stadium would allow us to compete with the best in the world, or at least the best in the country, we were one of the best in the country at the time. We knew that after a few years of working under shitty restrictions we’d be ready to compete. This is the club that he bought, so you’d have to be an idiot to start a reply by saying:

“For me, being an individual owner, I have to have some sort of reality involved. If you want to win championships then you would never get involved."

Those two sentences immediately dampen the hopes of all the fans, it completely goes against the idea that we are a club who care about winning the highest honours. You don’t get owners of other massive clubs saying such things. The rest that follows in the quote is just window dressing, the first two sentences sum up his attitude to owning sports clubs, because what I hear from everyone is that none of those other teams he owns are successful and he doesn’t really seem to give a shit. He isn’t passionate about any of them succeeding, and if he is passionate about it then he is incompetent. Same goes for here, if he really does care about us winning the big titles then he is incompetent and is running the club will enough, because in recent years we have been failing miserably to even challenge for them, let alone win them.

Anyway this long post is so ridiculously off topic, so I’m going to let things get back to Rob Holding. I’m not demanding the final word and telling you not to reply, I’d be interested to read your posts as I usually am, but I won’t reply.


Hopefully now fighting for his place with Mustafi can only make him better.


It would be nice but I can see him hardly playing any games now that we have a partnership of Mustafi and Koscielney, he will get more games at the moment with Mertesacker and Gabriel out but it will decrease as they come back, not that I rate Gabriel though. I just hope the same thing that happened with Chambers doesn’t happen to Holding as well


Well, they aren’t back until december so he still has plenty of time to play.


Is there anyone else that thinks it’s worth taking a semi-gamble and loaning out Rob Holding, even if it’s a Championship club for a full season?

I can’t help but think he will stall like Chambers if just sitting around here. I know it’s a bizarre attitude to clamour for a centre back and then let two leave, but 1) we have cover and 2) Gabriel will be back soon enough.

Holding has impressed me to the extent that I don’t want anything curtailing his development. I think his first three Arsenal games have been hugely impressive, despite the team shipping 5 goals (several of those worldies) and the odd stray pass.


I don’t think we can afford it with two 30+ year old CB’s as part of our main rotation. I think we need to commit to playing the kids in both cups, and make sure that we don’t fuck about in the CL group so there are some games there as well for the kids.


I think he’s good enough to challenge for a CB spot. If any CB ends up going out on loan, I suspect it’ll be Gabriel.

And we’ll also end up with the same stupid scenario as last season, when our captain can’t even get into the starting lineup.


With Chambers going out on loan, Wenger thinks that Holding is probably more reliable and better cover for our starting CB’s.

Mertesacker and Gabriel being injured has forced Wenger to get Mustafa, and considering our record of defensive injuries, and lack of real quality, in that position, Holding will get plenty of chances.

I’m was surprised how many games Mertesacker played for us last season, he is no better than cover in defence.
Why did it take so long for iWenger to realise that we needed a top quality CB?

In some ways the injuries to Meresacker and Gabriel have done us a favour, because without them I don’t think we would have got Mustafa and Holding, and we would have been stuck with Mertesacker who is too slow for the PL, Gabriel who lacks consistency and Chambers who isn’t ready yet.


For me he should be the 3rd choice CB. Per has had his time.


I think we’d have to see what the state of play is come the end of December. I don’t expect Koscielny to be playing every game between now and then, whether that’s through fitness or Wenger switching the line-up for certain games (Cup). With Mustafi, I think his experience at the ripe age of 24 is enough to make me content if a pairing of him and Holding was to be presented.


This guy is solid as a rock, i’m so glad we have him


You should be named Delaygunner.


I love you too.:sunglasses:


Didn’t watch the match. People are saying he was really good again though. What a talent we have bought for basically nothing.

City spend 56M on Stones while we get the better player for 3M :wenger:


Not defending Stones or his price tag but you do have to have a little look at the context of which competitions they feature in.


Don’t know whether you were being sarcastic or not but it’s beyond outrageous to call Holding better than Stones.

Holding to Arsenal is an identical transfer to Stones initial move from Barnsley. A young, unrefined, talented ball playing defender who is miles from being the finished product but looks good. Holding has Stones level potential but it’s frankly outrageous to say he’s a better player lol


He’s just as good as Stones is right now tbh. Really don’t see the hype with Stones. Makes a mistake all the time. The one on Sunday was laughable


Holding is not better or as good as Stones although he will hopefully be our Stones as it were.

Stones made a mistake but young defenders have heaps of those in them, Holding has already made some and no doubt will do so in the future also.


Has 4 first team appearances for Arsenal. Part of a shoddy defence that conceded 4 on the opening day of the season and puts in back to back strong performances in the EFL Cup against Championship opposition and you think he’s as good as John Stones?

Stones makes mistakes but he’s a very good defender and the archetypal modern day football player. The mistakes he’s made are a product of the type of footballs Pep is trying to get his team to play. No matter what, they play the ball out from the back and that’s bound to create mistakes in a team that are still trying to adjust to Pep’s demanding style of play. Especially in the Premier League where the high press is becoming increasingly popular.



fair enough but he was making the same sort of mistakes at Everton as well no? He’s a good defender but is vastly over hyped because he is good with the ball at his feet IMO.