Rob Holding (16)


Rob Holding had his debut against Liverpool and did OK.

A certain right back had his debut against Dortmund and played terrible.

There’s no correlation between the two events other than the obvious similarities what with them both being young, inexperienced defenders…


The manager let’s our defense down every game except against man city for some reason with the way he sets the team up and the tactics he employs. I


I thought he did ok.

First half Elneny and Coq shielded them very well. In the second half our midfield evaporated.


Coquelin, I dont know what he was doing. Seemed to be just doing his own thing.


I thught he had a good game ,miles better than Chambers but they were both let down by those in front of them. Coquelin should have played the holding role and be their shield instead he stuck elneny there and coq further up. needs some coaching but i liked him.


I think it goes deeper than that. When will this manager ever have to take any responsibility?


Just wanted to show a little love for the kid, he had a solid game, hoping he develops like Bellerin has and we get another top youngster in defense.



Seems like an very very good future prospect and by future, I mean a year or two at most. Arsene is right about the price of the player sometimes hiding their true worth but this guy, already, has shown he is worth more than what we paid for him. Really happy to have him in the squad for the future.


A good addition to our CB’s. Him and Mustafi can compete to partner Koscielny.


The guy looks a promising talent. And i like the fact he is still shaky. That’s what you need to improve.


Agreed. Top talent. Hope we don’t just drop him when Mustafi comes in, would be harsh.


He’s gonna have the EFL and the F.A. Cup to play, plus some midweek games.


He’s really good. Cant believe we had no competition to sign him tbh :open_mouth:


And the price, with hindsight, is pretty staggering.

Which is why no matter how much Arsene annoys me, that comment he made to journalists about Holding, and his relative value, was spot on.


I think hes buying mustafi because Kos has serious long term injury problems


He is in essence the exact same transfer as John Stones was when he left Barnsley for Everton. He is in the same mould as Stones in the sense that he has shaky moments as a defender but his ball playing skills and composure on the ball are excellent. Hopefully with top flight experience and the correct nurturing he can grow to be on Stones level.


In only one month has played better than Chambers during latest three years.


Chambers was also good in his first month with the team.
Lets wait & see what’s Rob is all about in a year or so.

With Mustafi in the squad & Gabriel coming back, i don’t see him getting minutes this season.


Never really thought he showed all that much (Chambers). He did “Ok” at best from what I recall. But more importantly, he has never shown the assuredness that Holding seems to possess more naturally. Obviously early days, but to me Holding looks much more like a natural footballer and defender.