Rob Holding (16)


So who wants stones rather than holding :campbell:


Save us Rob.

I can’t take Gabriel at CB ever again.


Anyone else irked by his lack of game time? It was always going to be minimal but he’s not even getting a sniff.

Our lack of defensive organisation is bad enough but add to it a distinct lack of game time and we’re possibly looking at stagnation and that would suck because so far he’s looked a great prospect.

If Per does wind up signing for one more year and we retain Gabriel, next season he’d be better off going on loan surely?


I’m happy he hasn’t been thrown into the deep end. Having such a poor season and we can’t keep clean sheets, he’d be getting battered by the fans if he was on the pitch.


Mertesacker is 100% going in the summer, not that he was ahead of Holding anyway in the pecking order. Holding is a centre back in the embryonic stages of his career, how much he plays this season isn’t all that vital


Didn’t him and Santi just get 1 year extensions?


Indeed @Cristo. Wenger said we had an option on both Mertesacker and Cazorla which we’re going to take. If Per not wants to leave himself obviously.


Exactly this ^.


Thought he looked very experienced and composed last night. Great performance


Did everything he needed to from his latest limited opportunity this season.


The way him and Chambers are playing and the fact that Mustafi is only 25 and Bellerin is 20 we could be set for a decade in defence. Just need a Lb.


Should get a run out against Sutton


A great prosprect. Hopefully he can develop into a TC defender here.


I don’t remember if he can play as RB as well. Would have been better than Gabriel.


He played really well tonight. Think he was our best defender.


Yeah I like him - every time I have seen him thus far he looks pretty composed and solid - not perfect or WC or anything, but at least not a headless chicken like some of our other clowns. Promising young player.


He is still in his first year at the club. Wenger hasn’t had the chance to corrupt him. But I trust the process and I trust the man. He will eventually prevail and knock any natural defensive talent out of Holding.


Good game. Didn’t make any mistake.


Impressive last night. Could be Wengers best unheard of signing in a while. Koscielny?



If he ruins and corrupts the players, try to ask about him to people like Anelka, Vieira, Petit, Weah, Djorkaeff, Ashley Cole, Kanu, Henry, Ljungberg, Kolo, Clichy, Fabregas, Reyes, Ebouè, Flamini, van Persie, Song, Walcott, Adebayor, Sagna, Nasri, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Oxlade, Ramsey, Iwobi, Bellerìn and others…

And it’s useless to talk about the players which he has helped to reinvent themselves like Bergkamp, Pirès or Cazorla.