Riyad Mahrez


I dont get it either. The fans wanted signings and we’re on the verge of getting them sorted. Mahrez two seasons ago was unplayable and Laca scores goals - and he’s the mobile finisher we’ve been needing for years.

If we can keep Sanchez, we have a shot at the title next season dare I say.


Disappointment with Mahrez is only relative in the current context of losing Sanchez. We just need to get over this ASAP because then it allows you to appreciate that signing Mahrez is decent.

He’s ‘Premier League ready’ and as I mentioned the other day, in coming to Arsenal his motivation levels will be high, akin to Leicester 15/16 rather than Leicester 16/17. I would expect him to hit the ground running and do some serious damage sooner rather than later. Bye bye Theo


Mahrez would be incredible here. Would be so buzzed if we sign Lacs and Mahrez either with or without Alexis staying.

Really hope it’s done before the first game though as we have Leicester first :grimacing:


Speaking of wide players anyone considered Douglas Costa?

Is on the outs and Bayern and is a very good player,


Couldnt agree more. Forget Mahrez last season, in fact forget their whole snakey squad last season, they went into sofa mode after winning the title.

Mahrez is capable of serious damage when motivated, no defence phased him in the slightest. He’d be a fantastic addition to the squad.


A discount Hazard is better than a full price Walcott :grin:


He’s not been great since the second half of the 2015/16 season, so there’s definitely question marks over if he’s good enough long term for Arsenal. One can only hope that he adds to the squad and isn’t replacing Alexis for instance or else we’re looking at a downgrade.


We’ve all seen with Ramsey that a good stretch of form/productivity can be incidental :wink:.


There’s a massive difference between good form and having all your peers vote you player of the season


That’s still no guarentee whatsoever Mahrez will reach those levels again. He did have a less impactful second half of the season.



He’d have to compete with Ox, Walcott, Danny etc (barring any transfers)


would honestly love Riyad Mahrez at Arsenal, on his day such a dangerous player to go up against. He would be a great signing with or without Sanchez staying, obviously hope he will be playing with Alexis though


Good signing but never a Sanchez replacement. Despite the gaudy total in 15-16, he has never been much of a goal scorer in any other year. He would be excellent as a wide playmaker and give us the second creator beside Ozil that we’ve lacked for a while. But if Sanchez leaves we’ll still lack a goal scoring wide forward.


Easy competition :wink:


At 26 years old, Mahrez is heading into his peak. Signing him now shuffles down the order of contention for the wide-right players we currently have in Theo, Alex and Welb. He’ll be a clear upgrade on all of them regardless of his performances in the league last season. Instant impact.

I’m fine with Wenger buying offensive players again simply to try and ‘outscore’ everyone else and I’d be rather confident that if we sign Mahrez, he’ll be netting 10+ league goals next season. Easy.


Sky and BBC haven’t picked up this story, surely if it was true they would have mentioned it by now.


It’s more Ornstein’s silence that matters to me. Sky aren’t to be trusted anymore


BBC have at least acknowledged the story.


In the gossip section though?


Yeah, it’s sourced from the Italian newspaper. They’re not ignoring it but not going big on it particularly.

Really don’t know how I feel about this one. He’s got the ability certainly, consistency is an issue for him.