Riyad Mahrez


Yeah I thought it was common knowledge we only got Ozil and Alexis to fund the Bale and Suarez transfers lol.


It was us, Liverpool and Juve in for Alexis that summer. He didn’t want to goto Liverpool and Juve made poverty offers for him. City had a transfer ban of sorts, United went for DiMaria instead while Chelsea were busy signing Costa and Fabregas.



@Luca_from_Italy translation?


We seem to have bought him :grimacing:


Scenes if we announce Lacazette and Mahrez together


Hard work for @Bl1nk next week :wink:




No Ornstein no hype


Shut up and let us enjoy.


Who’s this schoolboy your tweeting mate? Seems legit.


I don’t know was retweeted on my timeline. This united fan gives you an idea



I’d be slightly disappointed if we sign Mahrez. I don’t know why. He’s ‘only’ 26 and reached an excellent level one year ago, I’d think the talent is there. He should have more than enough upside.


If he is replacement for Sanchez I think it would be a pretty decent choice.
He was the best player in the PL the season before last, and you don’t do that by mistake.

Mahrez, Ozil and Lacazette would be a good attack, and we need someone who has experience in the PL, so Mahrez would be good when Sanchez goes.


Arsenal fans have gone crazy. Disappointed at signing Mahrez and Lacazette?? It’s a massive step up from signing bang average attackers like Perez and Podolski.


I for one like Lacazette. But was Mahrez’ 15/16 season an anamoly or can he reproduce that? Perez was meant for the bench and I’ve always seen Podolski as a stop gap.


I’m not completely sure about Mahrez either tbh, Always struck me as a discount Hazard


Discount Hazard is right up our alley to be fair lol.


discount bargain bin players of any ilk is up our alley at the best of times, look at Sanogo it just irks me when we supposedly are told we have a WC scout network and we let the likes of dembele go to dortmund for £10m wenger used to pick up talents like this all the time. He no longer gambles on talents like Dembele but goes for shit like Sanogo as he cant resist a totally raw against the odds ‘project’ it just annots the life out of me. If you are going for bargains at least fucking do it right in the first instance!