Riyad Mahrez


‘He can’t beat his man’

It is because of this I’m fairly sure you’ve never watched Mahrez play.



I’ve probably seen him play more than you have. He’s a player I like, believe it or not, but he wouldn’t be the Arsenal fit.


Arsene you cock tease, you.


“It can happen it can not happen.”

He’s back :wenger::wenger::wenger:


Wenger in fine form the last few days. Accepted that it’s a good decision he’s staying.


How have you came to this conclusion lol


Lol I fucking love it when he trolls. Now if he could just back it up and stuff everyone by winning the league.


Seems like he’s ambitious in the transfer market, we’ll see in August.


This is all we’re getting. All fucking summer. Hints, bullshit and a fucking rush mid august to do some fucking business.


After we lose at home on the first game of the season of course!


Your only young, I used to fall for it years ago also. You live and you learn…


It’s normal to get excited if the manager has bid for Mbappe and talking about Mahrez. Like I said we’ll see what happens in August.


Then after august you can judge him in may. :slight_smile:


Mbappe Mahrez Lacazette linked now.

But soon enough it will be Demba Ba, Kalou and Benteke


‘The transfer period is very short to make big signings’ after two months of doing jack shit.


Ergh, and this is where it all starts again.

Let’s conspire based on a tweet…


How can someone be negative towards Wenger based on a transfer that hasn’t happened and an offer that wasn’t made??

There’s far too much conjecture in your negativity.


I was commenting on this,

If an offer wasn’t made to buy Mahrez, then I apologise.

But if you have never seen Wenger say things like, “the player didn’t meet with our valuation,” then you probably don’t realise how frustrating he is.
How many players have we needed, yet not bought, because of this?


I’m sorry but 95% of what you say is utter bollocks. Stop bringing the fucking mood down.


Oh we all realise. We all live this. We just don’t let it turn us into Mr (or mrs) Grumpy.

Smile, it won’t kill you :slightly_smiling_face: