Reiss Nelson (61)


Yeah that isn’t what I meant lol… more that he had a swagger and individuality about him.


lol yeah I know I just thought the wording was funny and couldn’t resist


I am a little sad that he seems to have completely lost that… hoping it is just that he is suffering from graduation syndrome and will recover it with more time and encouragement…


Yeah, I dunno…I’m not particularly optimistic. He’s not especially powerful, he’s exclusively played on the right wing where he’s not going to really be able to use his better qualities (creativity, technique)…he was certainly as exciting a talent as we’ve had at youth ranks for a long, long time (best player to come through the academy since Wilshere–that doesn’t include players signed by the academy like Gnabry, mind), but sometimes they just don’t translate. Not gonna lose hope because he’s got quality but I definitely worry for him, especially with this kind of auxiliary wing-back style of play he seems to be stuck in.