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Fair points and well argued tbf. It just comes across that people seem to take a big moral stance on the concept of the league and not see anomaly with other comps that use play offs such as CL or lower leagues.
I do recognise however in a play off situation certain league games can lose significance in the regular season.



Amazing unseen footage from when France beat Brazil in the 1998 World Cup final. :fr:

What a team that was.


It being Phil Neville he probably deserved it.


3.2m for Zidane & Seedorf, 4.5m for Thuram, 5.4m for Rivaldo :eyes:

12.8m for Ronaldo.



£15M Shearer :gunnersaurus:


Outstanding value :clap:t6:


Bee-THENtay LEE-tha-ra-THOO

My favourite ever left back, what a player he was :clap::clap::clap:


Wenger is entering Morgan Freeman levels of automatically reading certain things and hearing it in their accent/voice. :smile:

Outstanding value is brilliant.


That’s not how you pronounce his name though


It’s how I pronounce it, which works just fine for me


Former Swansea player and one season wonder Michu has retired from Football due to injury.


Good. That 0-2 defeat with him scoring twice in the last 3 seconds still lives on in my memory.

Weren’t we linked to him the following summer? They wanted like £25m for him. We escaped one there.


Yup, here he would be another wilshere or Diaby on a long fucking contract plays 2 times a season and have years of him clogging up a squad space with the excuse ‘he is a player of quality’ Ala Cazorla now. We seem to be suckers for injured player i know its a classy thing to stick by a player when injured but we dont seem to know when to cut it off!


He scored a brace against us at Emirates in 2012 :xhaka:. Only at Arsenal :mustafi:


Thought this might be of interest to people


Just watched Leicester WBA in the Asia Trophy on Sky and it went to penalties.

Penalties are different this season it’s now called “ABBA” where you take two penalties in a row now so even more nerve racking!!


for anyone wanting context ^


@Persona you will love “ABBA”


[quote=“Calum, post:299, topic:922”]
it’s now called “ABBA” where you take two penalties in a row now so even more nerve racking!!
[/quote]The Winner Takes It All.