Pre-Season 2016/17


Hahaha. What a dick.




I know it’s preseason but I’m pretty certain this is a sign of things to come. Mahrez better think long and hard about where he wants to play next season.


Well, it’s a first taste of the Champions League. They are not going past group stage.


I thought that instantly and they’ll probably take a pasting off Barcelona too but then I thought they’ll avoid teams at that level in their CL group with last season’s league winners = top seeds rules and they’re lucky to get the chance to get battered like this when it really doesn’t count and hopefully be prepared when it does count.

If they get lucky with the draw they might get through the group stage.


Haha, these stupid fucks think they are gonna be in the champions league again next season. They will be lucky enough to be midtable. They had a year of their lives last year…it will never happen again. They will get a taste of champions league and it will all fall apart i guarantee it. There WILL be injuries to key players this season. They were lucky last season with injuries, i cannot see them playing the CL, FA Cup, CC and EPL without a scratch. Last season they had hardily any games to play so they could play full intensity most matches they will not manage it this season and they will get injuries and will tire and get picked off…they are NOTHING special i fucking guarantee it.

You will then get the chumps saying ‘its because xyz stole our best players’ but that is what happens all the time, and for a long period of time EVERY SEASON it happened to us, but still got the CL…it aint as easy as it sounds especially with fuck all squad depth like Leicester!!


Remembering of course weve no champions league pedigree to boast about.
Last season was the only season ever to be getting excited over finishing higher than Leciester.


Who said anything about our CL pedigree or lack thereof? I am saying how the Leicester fans on foxtalk etc have gotten a bit big for their boots after their lucky season last season where everything alligned perfectly for them they seem to think they are an elite team capable of sustaining their success and are almost saying we are a small club…will they fuck, they will struggle this season and I reckon they will be lucky to finish in the top 10!


I’m thinking about going to the match today. It’s ot even close to being sold out. What do you think fellas? Yeah or nah?


i think you’re a knob if you Arsenal are playing in your back yard for possibly the only time ever and you don’t :slight_smile:


My first Summer as a resident in LA (I moved over from London in Jan) and Arsenal come to visit. I’m heading over to the game today. Hopefully it’ll be a good one as these opportunities are going to be few and far between from now on.

Also, some of the players attended my wife’s place of work so I gatecrashed and got to meet a few of the players. I’ll upload a pic later if I can work out how to.

Enjoy the game folks!


You going with a group of friends? I live up in Ventura so I’m probably going solo.


I’m in Playa vista. I’m going with a group of non-Arsenal fair-weather ‘soccer’ fans (the missus is Utd. supporter). We’re heading down around noon and heading over to Phantom Carriage Brewery as it looks like a decent venue. Will grab a few beers and lunch. I don’t thnik there’ll be much going on until around 3pm.

Look for a tall beardy fella - that’ll be me. You can always join our group if you’re going Han Solo!


Yeah but the tickets are pricey to go watch Chris Willock, Jeff, and Beilik. Besides it’s not like Arsenal are buying anyone in the transfer window so why on earth would I give them my hard earned money? To help Kroenke buy another billion dollar ranch?


Arsenal aren’t relying on ticket sales. They’ll be getting an appearance fee whether you go or not. :slight_smile:


Well then I doubt they’ll be back as the venue is only like 15,000 seats and it’s still not sold out. They aren’t drawing anyone apparently.


So who’s watching tonight?

Just set my alarm clock :smiley:


Why wouldnt they big themselves up. Their league champions and milking it for all its worth.
Getting reactions like this lucky shit just makes it sweeter for them.
Knowing your place argument just wont wash with anyone having just won the league.


hello ppl , anyone know if this is televised or just the Arsenal stream ?


Far as I know it’s on Arsenal Player only.