Pre-Season 2016/17


could be arthritis, half blinded with glaucoma, 137 y/o with parkinson and alzheimer in 2115…Drogba would still score against us always, forever and ever.

C’mon! that was just meant to be right? Death and a Drogba goal against us are the two things certain in life. Fucking hell! unbelievable! (<- well, not quite).

Anyway I liked Holding and Bielik (yay! CB sorted lol), Walcott… I hope he looses his passport. Quite pleased with the youngsters in the second half, that was entertaining. If I’m not mistaken we’re the only club in London to beat the MLS All-star team? so we’re winning the treble!!

As I’ve said it was entertaining, nothing more. I guess I’m just extremely happy to have football again. Now let’s get some reinforcements and do this shit!


Chuba was the motm btw cause of the winning goal. Honestly at this point I’d rather Chuba lead our line than Theo. Our counter looked mighty deadly with Ox and Theo breaking but surprise surprise they never made an intelligent enough play between them to even trouble the keeper.


Nice win against so many former WC players. How did we play?


Remember 12 months ago Theo was better than KDB according to you ?


I know it’s only pre-season, but how did Walcott look? Not sure I really like what I saw in the highlights, so was there something positive to his performance too?


Good job against a selection with a much better condition than us. Bielik (he ruined a great first half with a stupid mistake. He will learn about it, has the right time to improve his qualities), Holding, Gibbs, Coq, Ox and Joel, plus the wonderkids, have impressed me.

I’m in love with Granit :heart_eyes:


I don’t get why we still haven’t tried Campbell as striker. He was good for Costa Rica in the World Cup in that role with his work ethic and his power.


Playing Walcott is going to end in disaster this season. So fucking annoying that we are going to have to rely on him. It winds me up everytime he plays.


Basically the same as he looked in the 2nd half of last season whenever he played.


I think the hatred on here for Theo is really stupid, it is really getting out of hand. He played ok yesterday, it is only his SECOND game this season against a team who are in mid season, and he didn’t really look too bad. Fucks sake guys, lets give our boys a chance this season before we feckin destroy them!!!


I dont agree. He has had a fucking DECADE to sort his shit out. His stats are piss poor…something like 80 goals and 50 assists for 10 years of being here. Can’t run with the ball, is clueless without it. Doesn’t take people on, loses the ball constantly in dangerous areas…jumps tackles like a pussy, cant shoot, barely scores and generally runs like a headless chicken. He adds nothing when an 18 year old Adelaide shows far more than someone that is nearly 10 years his senior and is new to professional football. Give us a break. Walcott is a fucking donkey should have been sold years ago he is an absolute waste of a wage and squad space.


West Ham have been turned down by loads of strikers this transfer window, if they came anywhere near us with a bid between the £20M-£30M bracket we should ship quickly.


Any other manager under real external pressure to perform would have would have flogged Theo instantly. It’s only because of Wenger and his deluded sense of loyalty he stays relevant at this club. The same applies to many players over the years.

I’m holding out hope that the fact he’s had a nothing career up until this point and his England snub motivates him to perform. Not holding my breathe tbh Hate his style of play now


:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


Will Ozil and Sánchez make the start of the season then?


Probably get rushed back in time for Liverpool and a nice 3 month injury.


No but I do remember you absolutely talking shit taking what I said out of context.


You said you wouldn’t swap Theo for KDB not sure how I’m taking anything out of context.


No I didn’t. I said Theo has produced just as much as KDB in terms of goals and assists albeit they are completely different players. Which is actually true if you take a look at their contributions per minute. Secondly, I believe I said this while Theo was sitting on the sidelines with his injury, so it was yet to be seen if he’d return as the same player. The season he got injured he was on fire. Thirdly the argument was mainly because of the amount of money spent on KDB and people screaming from the roof tops we should be buying a guy who at the time was contributing at the same clip as a player already on our team. In hindsight considering Theo is not even half the player he once was after his injury sure I was wrong and KDB has looked good (but did trail off in the second half of the year as I also mentioned I thought would happen, due to the rigors of the league he now plays in). We’ll see if he can kick on or not.