Pre-Season 2016/17


haha kaka falling over the ball he tripped himself over.


beilik got a lot of composure, chesting down a ball right in front of drogba like its nothing…he has sneezys levels of confidence hope its founded.

shit coq is down…knee problem.


Poor Coq, a huge cunt fell down on his knee.


Dont want to jump the gun, but that knee looks fucking bad.


beilik keeping drogba quiet at 18. I know drogba aint what he used to be but he still is a deadly force. I am quite impressed by him. He could do a job for us either at DM or CB…only 18 too can only get better!


Not really paying attention to the game, but seeing a lot of praise for Bielik on here and Twitter. Not surprised at all, the kid is really good.



Yes to be fair a i say Drogba aint what he used to be but he is doing well, just as i say this Drogba scores.


That was a bad giveaway in our own third by Beilik nothing the defense could do. Holding though saved it off the line, he’s still looking strong.


Beilik has been good. Both him and Holding have.

Even in friendlies halfway across the World, Drogba is still scoring against us :grin:


Walcott shocking.

Ox good.


I hate Drogba so much.


want to see what xhaka will bring us…hope he will get more than a 5 minute cameo.


Walcott gets into such dangerous positions and then fucks it up some way or another.


Xhaka is playing!!!


Chambers look very shaky in CB, while Holding look like a good player (not first team yet for me)

Xhaka, look great right now, what we’ve been missing since Arteta’s leg imploded.

Akpom with the late tap-in.


rob holding seems a very astute signing 2m a bargain looks very solid.


Walcott should have been playing for the other side today.

Willock is ahead of Jeff imo.


That back heel for the pre assist was Zalalem, nifty little piece of skill that.

On another note my oh my Xhaka looks like the 2nd coming of Xabi Alonso. He kept finding teammates in acres of space in advanced positions.


Willock is loads better atm. Feeling pretty bullish on Willock. For being English he is really good.


Gnabry injured?