Pre-Season 2016/17



Why so quiet, OA? It almost seems like you didn’t want Theo to assist one, make and score one?!?! :thinking: :ozil2:


Nothing I haven’t seen Campbell do.

Edit: haven’t actually watched any of the game.


Good finish and movement from Theo, but I want to see him do it in a game that matters. He is the worst bottler I have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt, so I will reserve judgment. Having said that, his movement HAS been better this summer and while he has been mostly terrible, maybe he won’t be quite as bad as I fear.

Oh and Gabriel has to be the dumbest defender I have ever seen… wtf was he doing on that Ineanacho goal.


Definitely have never seen Campbell involved in a move of that pace.


Yeah well I once said that I’d prefer Gareth Barry to Xabi Alonso.

So you can all kneel before me and fucking praise my ability to assess players.


Akpom is our leading scorer in preseason if I am not mistaken - and he has less minutes than Theo




Totally meaningless result and performance, but that injury is a big worry.


The footballing gods certainly aren’t favouring us right now are they? :santi:


Great second half. Our football is changed when a player who knows the team-mates (Elneny instead of Granit) started to dictate the rhythm on midfield.

Coquelin, who has played very bad the first half of the game, has reacted during the second (like Bellerin).

Thumbs up for Chambers, Monreal and Iwobi. Sanchez and Rambo are already on fire but with Elneny, my personal man of the match is Theo Walcott. I don’t remember what is the last game when he has been perfect like today.

Gabriel has committed some mistakes but I want only to wish him to back in business as soon as possible.


How to finish our pre-season on a high. Well done boys! Just shame about another injury.


Have no idea what you’re on about with Ramsey, Maxi. He was crap in practically every involvement.


Ramsey has been nothing more than a headless chicken for most matches. He actually has some technique and can run and run, but gd he is fing clueless and despite the fact that he gets into dangerous positions with some good late runs, he can’t fing finish, so it is pointless.

Even in some of the games he has been praised, if you actually watch him he is all over the damn place, incredibly reactive, chases directly from behind… never seems to anticipate where things are going. I wouldn’t be disappointed if we get rid.