Pre-Season 2016/17


what is that sterling hairstyle?


seems like our season is gonna be like this game…us not putting away our chances and they score against us fucking typical of us year in year out…we should have been at least 2-0 up. Need a god damn fucking striker so badly, not sure if we will get one tho.


God, I know it’s only pre-season and the first game for Ramsey, but he and Ox are such a fucking joke at times it’s hard to not react.


Is there no match day chat anymore or am I missing it in the new layout?


Any good news from this match apart the return of Ramsey and Alexis, our best players in this first half.

Gabriel it’s a fucking disgrace, not better than Djourou and Squillaci. Lack of presence on midfield with a Coquelin who is underperforming (like Bellerìn) and lack of killer istinct on attack.

We need two players: a fucking defensive leader and fucking clinical scorer. This game is confirming that.


I started watching the game with positivity that Rambo would turn over a new leaf for us with his Euro form but he really just doesn’t suit our style.

Also Christ we are crying out for a goalscorer.


Coquelin clearly has no place in the starting 11 if Xhaka is.

It’s only pre season so I don’t care but it better be Elneny/Ramsey/Cazorla next week.


Yeah this game is really just confirming what we already know. A centre back and a forward are of upmost priority. Not long left to make it happen.


Gabriel is prime example why you don’t go into a season gambling on an injury whilst lacking depth . We should never have signed him, he’s not a player for a team trying to play possession football but we were desperate.


I’m not sure what style he does suit, other than that of a team like Wales who is of lesser quality.

He’s certainly not a #10, we didn’t need to watch him today for that to be confirmed.

He needs to be playing for a club like Everton who consistently plays on the backfoot, in a set-up like Wales where he can both face the play and start deeper than the #10 zones, but not have the burden to be tactically responsible or control in midfield (so needs hard working, sacrificing midfielders both behind and wide of him).

It’s infuriating to still be bothering with dross like him and Oxlade Chamberlain.




Iwobi with good finish but should have passed to Sanchez.


Nice finish from Iwobi that.


Or…or…big or here, what if…and I mean this is a big what if…what if the manager set us up in a formation and style that suited the players that HE fucking bought? I was sick of the “shit Barca” 6 years ago were still fucking playing it.


Iwobi, on the other hand, has impressed, even before that goal. Definitely would start him and Alexis on the flanks in our first XI as currently stands.

@morrisc311 well, I certainly wouldn’t want to tailor our style of play to players like Ramsey (if I wasn’t clear, I can’t think of a top club set-up in which Ramsey would fit in) or Giroud. We don’t really have any coherent style, is the problem, but what Arsène probably aims for in his head is okay, he just doesn’t have the quality or recruit the quality to execute it. So I don’t think we’re really going to agree on this one. :wink:

Alex Iwobi (17)

Sanchez looks so heavy legged.


MDC is open now.


Did I miss the memo when you became staff? :poldi:


Theo gonna get the winner, cmon Theo act like it’s a contract year my dood!!


Behave yourself Santi