Pre-Season 2016/17


I’ve only been sure on like 4 18 and under players in my footballing life: Fat Ronaldo, CR7, Ibra, and luka

I had my doubts about Cesc because he’s slow but he had a cunty fire in him that pushed him on and proved me wrong.


As an American how did you even know about fat Ronaldo back then, I mean did the MLS even exist? :gunnersaurus:


I find the fat goofy twat really fucking annoying and ethically fucked up the way he keeps giving that other mongo Claude airtime.


They might not be too impressed with yourself if they read this post. :slight_smile:


to be fair Jakey Boy was the one who asked me to expand on what was a simple response to Castiel.


Is this on Arsenal player?


Goddamn it. Ramsey at number 10. This shit again. He failed there in 11/12(?) already I believe and we needed Rosicky too step up and save things.


Its on ITV1



The line up for next week as well. Only Cazorla to replace Coquelin.


Strong XI but against Liverpool should be a good idea to start with Coquelin and Xhaka and not Cazorla, especially with a problem on defense like the absence of Lolo.


Happy days. Thanks.

Also quick someone inform @Trion about whos starting as striker.


Own it Sancheeeeeeeeeeeeez.


Wtf where’s my boy? Must be saving his energy for next week when it counts.


They dropped him off at the animal pound to see if they can find him a home. More than likely they’ll have to put him to sleep though.


Are we playing today?


Yes against City.


What a pointless friendly. I miss the days when the most you saw of friendlies was a result in the paper. So irrelevant.


I mean if you don’t want to watch it no one is forcing you.


I’m not.