Pre-Season 2016/17


And I’m pretty sure we would have bought a defender that summer (2015), but had too do it 6 months earlier because of the Chambers injury. But ok.


If you say so mate :wink:

But that has nothing to do with being able to tell if a player has the talent to make it or not, it just has to do with being smart about the odds. Because a good portion of the already small number of talents that make it see their chances at a top level career ruined by injury, as could be the case of Gnabry. So you’re just playing the odds correctly, which has nothing to do with judging players’ ability, really. Anyways, in the case of Gnabry, because his injuries/potential lack of work ethic off the pitch has derailed his career, it doesn’t make me any less right about identifying him as a player with talent for the top level.


Haha AC you do love stroking your own ego. Don’t ever change.


It’s convenient though, isn’t it? Gnabry could have easily been another passer-by, like Bendtner f.e. who made a lot of minutes because of injuries, after we had strengthened the wing with Sanchez.


It’s not really convenient at all, because I’m convinced Gnabry would’ve made it before that injury and our in general terrible handling of him. And tbh even if he had a Bendtner like career that is ‘making it’.


I’m not playing the odds. I just like to see something from a player in a first team scenario before i really form an opinion about them. I’ve said it time and again that youth football is pretty much meaningless. Not that i give a fuck either way about identifying talent, i more so just care about what if anything they do in an Arsenal shirt. :slight_smile:


Sly Joel Cambell dig right there.


Everyone is wrong about some youngsters they once thought would succeed or fail.
Many get away by not portraying themselves as someone with superior judgement of football talents.

As soon as someone does that, expect their predictions to come back to haunt them.


Very well put, I love thought provoking Trion, I think Wenger pollutes your mind.


I am just horny right now.


lol, I never did that. This whole conversation started because Castiel was baiting me with the Iwobi stuff and I defended myself.

I’ve never portrayed myself to have superior judgment than all. Just superior judgment than sillies like you or maverick or indeed, Charlie Austin-loving Castiel. :wink: :innocent: But with other posters on this forum I gladly defer to their opinion on players, as such posters could attest.

@shamrockgooner youth football is obviously not meaningless, or else one wouldn’t be able to tell anything from it. It’s just less meaningful than first-team football, obviously. I don’t pride myself on identifying talent either, but I do like following youth football, and naturally if you follow it you form opinions, and express them, and then get people like Castiel who want to troll you with any one that doesn’t look good in retrospect. :slight_smile:


Hey man you practically jumped into my boat when you start talking about which youth players are talents.


Ramsey and Sanchez are going to make minutes tomorrow. It feels like we are forcing things. Ramsey only had five days more rest than Koscielny/Giroud and should be making minutes now?


Speaking of youth talents, I found a professional competition report by Wyscout of last seasons UEFA Youth League and one of the scouts wrote a short report on Chris Willock who they list as a player that can “become an important unit for a great European club side”.

No other Arsenal players in there, I was surprised Malen didn’t get mentioned but he didn’t play too many minutes in that competition so that’s probably why. 6 Chelsea players were put in the Best XI :slight_frown:


That’s cool. The games I watched of Willock in the UEFA Youth League were really exciting. Honestly wasn’t sure about him before then because he came onto the scene a couple years ago and then seemed to be making not the fastest progress, but that close control :heart_eyes: After watching those games felt very strongly about him.

I guess because he’s a bit of a late bloomer physically they take it slow with him?

Hopefully he can earn a loan for the second half of this season.


I asked you about Joel.


Look at the t-shirts. Cannons facing the correct way. The Swedes know whats up. :wink:


[quote=“AbouCuellar, post:232, topic:284”]
I’ve never portrayed myself to have superior judgment than all.
[/quote]That ArseneCuellar bloke sure did though :wenger:



I think AFTV is super charming at times when I watch videos like that. Robbie comes off as a really lovely bloke.

The majority of the season it’s just some shitty Jerry Springer-esque garbage where the only question is when will Claude go missing again.