Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Would clubs place a clause that if you injured yourself because of stupid stunts, you reimburse the club?


I believe they already have insurance that covers everything


Be hard not to attempt one when Wenger goes tbf.


Already a true gunner :kos2:


Is it me or does Auba have a fckn massive head :rofl:


He’s taken Arsenal aesthetics rating right down


It is however higher than when we had Gabriel


Gabriel is definitely better looking than Auba. Auba’s head is downright oddly proportioned


I disagree.

Or perhaps Gabriel has normal head but his expressions are all wack.


Who cares about his appearance? He seems cheerful and confident all the time and has personality which is nice :sunglasses:


No one does, was just an observation !!



Open door. It’s quite evident Jardim is the best (attainable) option out there.


Yea insurance for Aubameyang being injured it’s called Danny Welbeck