Pictures of OA members


Well done mate!


Congratulations! Well done, great effort for years and finally you have it on paper!


nice one jakey


Congrats Jakey!! Good luck on the job front, have you started enquiring yet?


Nice one Jakey. Congrats man :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your degree.

After a few drinks you’ve gone from Jekyll to Hyde in one session, if those photos are anything to go by.


Grats JB!


Well done mate! That’s a good effort. What did you do your degree in?


Congrats dude!


Congratulations on the most liked post on the new OA


Don’t be salty, someone with a clear learning disability graduating is a huge deal.


And this was @JakeyBoy at 2:00am :jakey:

Congrats though dude!


Woah, that picture of @JakeyBoy proved so popular, he’s become the first member to earn a ‘Good reply’ badge for getting 25 likes and more on a single post :+1:


Gotta get to work





Add me on insta if you wanna find out what I look like lol.



You really whoring for follows like that?! :laughing:

Come on, just put one on here, some of us aren’t on insta


Haha I just prefer to keep my pictures off a public forum and on my private insta account :grimacing: I might bless you boys with a snap in a bit though