Pictures of OA members


When you show her your “like” collection


Tori Black :heart_eyes:


I don’t think you spend as much time on OA as your gf thinks :stuck_out_tongue:


19 and 28 here but yeah you definitely win. Fucking hell haha


@JakeyBwoy i bet you told her how much you wield your BanHammer :rofl:


Not a competition brother, we are all in this shit together haha.


Brothers in arms. Ride together die together.


End up divorcees together :facepunch:


We can have an OA bachelor pad together with blackjack and hookers and 70” 4K TVs and fifa tournaments


Very cool bro! Congratulations!


Oooft Pura khalsa e lagda.

Like Trion said I had no idea you were brown, lol thought you were black or white :arteta:

Big congrats looking like a BOSS


Lol phatteh chak ditte


Is that a sword? That’s a fucking sword! That’s badass.




It’s a sword. Yes Punjabis are badasses the blessed fucks.


Fuck me, Sol you’re a sexy beast! That outfit is dope as fuck.


I on the other hand… am not a sexy beast. Just beastly.


You have your beard grown recently :wink:


You look like a fun fucking guy to have a few beers with haha


Well… come on out to the pacific northwest! We’ll toss back a few and I’ll regale you with tales of my youth. Filled with near death experiences, airborne pickup trucks, punk shows, and growing up a skate punk in suburban Dallas, Texas.