Pictures of OA members


Strong yes.


Don’t use a photo my friends. Thanks.


Bunch of cunts you are.


Yeah I’m with Luca on this one. It’s one thing to post pictures of ourselves here on the forum but for someone to then take one and then edit it to mock another user as well as it being a picture that includes his friends is a bit out of order, regardless of how well the joke works.


Ha. I’ll be able to achieve that look more easily when i’m an OAP. I’m still quite a few years away from the grey hairs, hopefully :grin:


I kinda agree but at the same time maybe shouldn’t post a picture of other people without their permission and not expect it to be used by assholes on the net tbh.


Don’t take it to heart @Luca_from_Italy


Yeah that’s a valid argument, but no harm in trying to appeal to their humanity!


I delete the photo with friends. Hope someone does the same.


Looks good, wb Black and red hair tho? It’s sexier


around 2020 roughly?



How rude. When i’m Queen, i’m sending you to Coventry :sunglasses:


Yeah I think it suits you @Phoebica


Who wore it best? :stuck_out_tongue:


My sister used to have pictures of Freddie on her wall from when she was about 7. She doesn’t even like football that much, but for some reason she was obsessed with him. Perhaps it was the red hair.

And in answer to your question, I win, obviously :sunglasses:


Not that obvious :slight_smile:


Who invited this guy?

I prefer the Crown Jules :wink:


That’s…painful :grimacing:


@AW49 and myself in the lead up to the match in Sydney


Celebrating St. Patrick’s day :kos2: