Petr Cech (1)


Joe Hart in the summer for me. ManCity owes us right?


Fuck Joe heart. Let’s go for Oblak.


Cech isn’t going anywhere.


We’ve only had his services for 2 years, what happened to the idea of 'keepers playing on until they’re 47?!


Cech’s fine, true he’s gotten worse but he’s not the problem.
The problem is that our defence has been horrific this season, for example this season we have conceded 27 “Big chances”, last season we conceded 35 in total.


Yeah Ive read the article also and its fairly hard to fathom considering we had Flamini etc playing big minutes last campaign.


No thanks. His lack of effort in the champions League final in the shoot out was garbage.


He was an absolute beast in the game vs. Juve. Pulled off a couple of absolute blinders. Got me thinking if it’d make sense to get him back next year and put Cech on the bench.


Yes, he may well be :slight_smile:


We will require at least 50 points from the last 20 games to fight for the title, realistically you will need 87 or 88 points. Petr Cech’s words @Arsenal4thetreble


We can do it.


Legalization of recreational use of marijuana in California getting to you?


What does that stem from? A few weeks ago we were all convinced our defense was finally sorted with Mustafi. Is it a MF issue? Are we missing Per’s phenomenal reading of the game?


Well it’s not like we started the season well, we were destroyed by Pool and even Burnley was able to get a few decent chances against us. Chelsea game apart we haven’t really been good defensively all season.

Losing Cazorla was devastating cause now any team that can press get us with our back against the wall, since Coquelin is useless and team just press Xhaka who can’t deal with that kind of pressure. We’re lucky most team in this league are managed by people with brain damage from their years in the british football.


I thoughr the consensus was Liverpool likely wouldnt have won if Kos and Mustafi played tbh.

Destroyed doesnt seem fair.


Mainly cause Pool defence is laughable at times, we could have gotten a draw or a high scoring win had them been playing and Walcott not bottled his penalty.
They did score several goal in minutes and had several more chances, it took a lot of effort to bring the scoreline into something respectable.


It could just be that Mustafi/Koscielny isn’t quite the solution yet and that they’ll need more than 5 games to form the right partnership. The idea that they were finally the solution was overstated anyway at the time as we’ve hardly been keeping clean sheets all season, conceding at least a goal more often then not. Give it a little more time and maybe in the second half they’ll find the right understanding to shut out teams consistently.


Oh ye of little faith. Besides that doesn’t come into effect until 2018. So basically in 2018 I’ll be predicting the treble and us winning the league on 114 points.


Yeh I agree with that, we’ve seen in the past random partnership of combinations of Djourou, Verm, Koz et al combining well to keep clean sheets for a number of games then falling to bits. I still think Koz Per was underestimated by many, largely due to not being able to get past his pace.

I do feel this partnership is the best we’ve had in a while in terms of talent and athleticism but they definitely could go up a level.


Where did you read this?

Did a search, but couldn’t find anything about “big chances” from this season.