Petr Cech (1)


He’s won his medals. Just wanted to stay in London.

Don’t blame him. Still a very good GK though. Not many better in the league


Courtois, De Gea, Lloris.

Probably about it, realistically. Lots of average PL keepers these days.


Im just dissapointed hes never been a bit more angry on the pitch or in an interview more honest about our poor execution of defensive football.
Decent pro but his drives gone and winning mentality. Culture change that between his 2 clubs that.


Trying to get into the mind of GFI seems like a descent into madness mate.


Criticizing Cech today is harsh, imo. He kept us in the game in the second half.


He just hasn’t really been good enough on the whole since we signed him. He made plenty of errors last sesosn and you can see he continues to slow down as time goes on. He’s still good enough to be our first choice keeper but you have to start considering the possibility of replacing him.


Yeah, but it sound like today’s defeat was just down to him. Unfair.


Maybe not but this is the sort of game where your 10-points-a-season keeper proves his value.

Could have done better on both goals. The first one my god, he might as well have just laid on the floor. Made no obstacle to the goal whatsoever.

2010 Cech doesn’t concede both those goals.


The old Cech is past it, but he is still a very good goalie for us.


I said at the start of the season and I maintain it now, I’d rather personally have Ospina in goal than Cech as I honestly think it’s abundantly obvious we need someone with stronger reflexes and who is more athletic than Cech. He’s hardly a world class sweeper keeper, his reflexes are slowing and he seems to struggle to get down low these days too.


Its becoming quite obvious age is catching up with in regards to the shot stopping department. He just cant get down to low shots anymore - Bolasie last season from 25 yards comes to mind.

He’s still a quality keeper though, just not what he used to be. I would actually like Szczesny to come back as no.1 next season.


I don’t agree with this anymore. If your keeper can’t get down quick enough to stop shots, can’t distribute the ball as effectively anymore and generally makes more mistakes than you’d expect a keeper of his level to make then he shouldn’t be seen as a quality keeper anymore.

For me - he’s no longer in the De Gea/Lloris/Courtois bracket and is firmly down in the second tier of PL goalkeepers alongside the likes of Bravo.


Ive always thought he should of stayed as our number 2. Would of learnt so much from Cech who was once obviously one of the best in the world


Ospina is better than Szczesny


Was Cech really that poor? I thought he did ok, let one goal in that was maybe a bit below average but a couple of saves that were abit above as well. For me at least he gets a pass, we should’ve won the game elsewhere on the pitch and I maintain that he is absolutely good enough to win the PL & CL with, and it’s just a bonus that Ospina is looking as good as he does for a 2nd keeper, he will take over in a couple of years and it feels good to have him there as backup til then.


I’m not saying he isnt. I just think as Ches is still young and learning he could of learnt so much from an experianced keeper like Cech


Think he’s doing more learning being first choice at Roma than what he’d ever do understudying Cech.


Bring cocky Woj back




Hes a good goal keeper but he’s getting on a bit an slower than he was .
Better than we had though by a country mile but think he is on the decline which might accelerate making the 3rd Year untenable !