Petr Cech (1)


So effectively he had a pretty decent record of saving them at Chelsea.


Bit of a shaky performance, but his save on Crouch saved our win.


16/64 = ??


Maths not your strong @Cristo?


Fucking hell m8 16/64 is 1/4 exactly so a quarter.

On Cech, the prick saved Bayern’s pens just fine in May 2012.


Derpy Cristo.

Hope you just stole that shit from someone on twitter and didn’t work it out yourself.



There’s no award for best at maths on OA, so suck it.


Miscalculated the number of dicks you have too…ooohhh bad day for Cristo (unless he is alien or has special abilities)


There should definitely be a fail of the year award in 2017.


It feels like he’s fucking something up every other game but since we’re not getting punished by it we don’t seem to care.


I’ve just came to peace with that a penalty decision conceded is the same as going a goal down.

He needs to do something crazy next pen to throw the player off. Like take his stupid little helmet off to show he means business.


It’s his legs which are clear giveaway .
He brings his leg in to dive in direction of where his leg was.



Really can’t get down quick enough these days can he ?


cech is overrated these days IMO, good keeper but certainly not a great one.


Fuck off! It would have been 4-1 to City if it hadn’t been for him.


Lol why do you reply like this? You’re far too emotional.


Not really, stats show him carrying a defence that give away too many good chances to the opponent.
That said he did use all his penalty-saving luck in the 12 CL final.


Should have probably saved that second goal. Not the biggest of our problems right now though.


He’s now gone eight games without a clean sheet for the first time in his career.

He’s just here for his kids.