Petr Cech (1)


Can’t wait until we’re knocked out of EL and holding steady in 8th to hear about how things can’t get worse.


Only winner in the team. Fuck the rest of them


Fuck him too. It really took yesterday for him to do this? If true.


Also i can remember a good few times that his fuckery has cost us points as well! It needed to be said but maybe like someone like merts but i guess he isnt the worst either.


To be fair this is the first true humiliation of the season.

Sadly it won’t be the last.


This season, sure, but we’ve been here before in his time with us.


I don’t think we’ve suffered as heavy a defeat with him on the team. Bar the Bayern beat downs but you could tell there were two different classes of guys out there, Bayern are just that much more talented. We’ve had some bad losses but we’ve always been in the game. Yesterday was the first time in a long time that you looked at the player output and you’ve come away thinking the players have given up.


Well, I really don’t agree with that. Thought and said this was what was happening for large chunks of last season.


Beat them up, Petr! Shit all over that catalan cunt, piss in Sanchez’s pants, vomit in Wenger’s underwear.

Manchester City thread

Wtf is wrong with you?


I wish I had any confidence that this would make a difference. Unfortunately I think that Arsene has fostered such a comfortable dressing room and puts such an emphasis on everyone being happy that nothing will come of this.


You know Luca is really angry when he goes from food talk to potty talk.




Looking very very slow in his movement today


apart from when he got down low to his left to push that shot onto the post?!

apologies if you were being sarcastic


I wasn’t. He just seems slower than before, maybe old age. Im not saying hes bad. Just slower


I think he’s been quietly having a very good season tbh. Even against Liverpool he was top class.


Top praise from a retired GK. Really like him when he’s on The Totally Football Show


He seems to know his shit dosent he? Can’t say I remember him as a player though