Per Mertesacker


Shambles… should have been properly upgraded anyway… none of this Chambers or Gabriel stopgaps… get WC to pair with Kosc.


Re-school Giroud. He’s by far our best defensive header and just as speedy as Mert. :wenger:


Better now than in middle of season.


I wanted Calum Chambers to get a chance and now it seems he will !
Had zero confidence in the management getting an adequate replacement for him before he got injured but now maybe his hand is forced and he will buy .


I’m quite content with a Gabriel/Koscielny partnership. So I wont be unhappy with a loan solution.


Jules the BFG’s performances last season were poor ,we needed to replace him but we havent . Now he is injured we should look for a long term replacement now ,we have the cash and prices are only going up so a loan move only delays the inevitable.


“We are now a little short”

Zigic confirmed.


Mustafi or Manolas? Which one do you prefer?


Coq trained as a CB today so lol


Bellerin will be our RW sooner or later, if this trend continues.



Doc said he built in a 20 goals guarantee.

Awfully good of you to help Per out @Persona


Bless this magical man.


Ahaha! Such a funny character! :coq:


Proud to have a man like him in our squad :per:


Not coming back until next year apparantly, like some here expected.


The best way to conclude transfers is not to talk about it, but we are in the market. Do I think we will sign an experienced central defender before the season starts? Yes, I do.” - Arsène Wenger today


I don’t trust Wenger to get what we need.
He has a record of needing a certain player for an important defensive position, and we end up with a cheap alternative like Sylvester, Squillaci, Kallstrom, etc.

In the transfer market, Wenger is the king of the misleading statement.


The key word there is “sign”…notice he didn’t say “buy”…so free or a loan it is then fuck me what a shamockery.


I think you might be reading too much into that. People use the word “sign/signed” regularly when a fee is involved.