Per Mertesacker


He’s done here. :frowning:


He’ll be covering RB most likely, think Chambers may get a chance.

But yeah “a few months” will turn into seven soon enough after they try to rehab it their way then realise he needs an operation to sort it, shout out to Welbz.


A few months will end up being 5-6 months when it comes to Arsenal.


CB needed ASAP.


Should’ve replaced him years ago. Ridiculous that we’re in a Mert crisis on the verge of 2016/17 season.


We have needed a CB to partner Kos for about 2 years.


Add that to a world class striker for four years and a manager that actually has a clue for nearly a decade.


Good luck to him, I wish him to back stronger 'cause his experience and his leader qualities are so important for us!

Anìmo Big Fucking German!


Never gonna happen but with Leverkusen about to sign Dragovic we should go all in for Jonathan Tah.


Wenger said during his press conference we’re short of experience at the back, they’re searching.


^ So Per replacement in 3 to 4 years?


Mertesacker injured? CB shortage?

Sign Flamini on a free.


Fuck it might aswell get Steve Bould out of retirement to while we’re at it.


At this point I’m not even disappointed in injuries. I expect them.

So I find it hilarious. It’s like a terrible sitcom where we all know what the punchline is going to be :slight_smile:


I hope Holding is ready…


Sorry to be DISGUSTING (:scream:) but this is the best injury at the best time. We should now sign an actual player for this position whereas 2 days ago that was never going to happen. Mert will return from this injury as a 32 year old. I’m happy for him to be in the squad as an older player, to be the captain, to collect the fines but now is the time to buy his longer term replacement.


You’ve done it now, @Maxi_Gooner gonna come for you.


Sincerly I’m disgusted about your vision of football and the support of the club who I love.



Need to sign someone Wenger. No excuses! Shame it will take a long term injury to sign a CB but Wenger gonna Wenger