Per Mertesacker


Yet the club seems to think they have class right ? Charge insane amounts for season tickets and have hundreds of million sitting away in cash reserves whilst we have numerous gaps in the squad.


That’s not unclassy, its just fucking stupid.


WTF!? :bellerin:


I guess it’s gonna be Chambers and Monreal as CBs, with Bellerin and Gibbo as full backs.


Gabriel has a tonsillitis, he should be back for the Liverpool game but I don’t know how rusty will he be.


Haven’t seen any legit outlet say anything about long-term injury… anyone got more on that?


Not nice to see a player get injured but never understood why he was given the captain’s armband, he shouldn’t be a first teamer anymore and another blunder by Wenger. Should have gave it to Cech, who will be around for a few more years.

Anyway, We are seriously lacking in squad depth and I’m even more worried for us now.


At this point it is tragic comedy. Just imagine the scenario where GIroud or Koscielny gets injured in September…


Nothing to see here. Only at Arsenal is every single player capable of playing every position. #interchangeplay





And so it begins.


So let’s wait for an official response. Hopefully 3 weeks, as usual :coq:


5 Months out confirmed by Sky Sports earlier today.

Rumours about potential transfers are always fake. Rumours about injuries? 100% true always. Arsenal FC.


Moving for Manolas to replace him. That’s what Sky Sports says.


Every season we’re always guaranteed a long term injury. Incredible.


It is just sick, isn’t it?
Injury(s) during summer? Not even one competitive match played??


Mustafi it is then.
Manila’s would be too costly given Roma will only get fraction of the fee.


Poor Holding is going to be thrown in the deep end here I fear.