Per Mertesacker


Legend Status: Cemented!

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I got it wrong about Mertesacker.
He was our best defender and deserved man of the match.
He put in a real captains performance against a very good team.


he was magnificent


It was since he last started. I think he played a bit before his injury.


Never been his biggest fan but that performance to day will go down as one of the best ever by an Arsenal captain.


My like finger is broken from this thread.

I’m going to say this is the most legendary performance of this decade. I assumed Wenger’s apparent lack of faith was because he was finished but this was a true captain’s cup final performance. He must have a place at this club if we play a back 3.

We go on about “match fitness” all the time so where the fuck did this come from.


Lord knows, had he played all season in a three we might have challenged

incredible display apart from letting Silva score, Ospina shoulda saved it anyway


If it wasn’t deflected then yes.


No he should have still been able to deal with that. He flapped at it.


[quote=“Craigie, post:306, topic:105”]
My like finger is broken from this thread.
[/quote]I hope your finger still has enough energy to like stuff, I’ve temporary increased the individual likes per day useage from 50 to something a lot higher in celebration of our win.

Have fun folks :sunglasses:

(Don’t go too mad, please Luca :joy: )


He could have done better maybe but the deflection probs hurt him and he still played very well and who cares anyway! We won :sunglasses::trophy:


Showed his experience today despite being written off for his lack of his pace. Congrats :sunglasses:




:fire: :fire:



Fucking loved this legend today, couldn’t believe how good he was, hasn’t missed a fucking step. Shambles that a no-talent non BFG legend like Gabriel has played over him this season.

What a man.


Triple fucking tackle!!!


What a fucking tune!


What a hero - hasn’t played all season and really was up for it… love the guy.


Fuck Per, I can’t believe how wrong you made me look in regards to the cup final. Awesome stuff.