Per Mertesacker


Anyone but Gabriel…


You want to play with

Mustafi - Mertesacker - Koscielny

I want to play with

Koscielny - Mustafi (Mertesacker) - Holding

because Mustafi isn’t good enough to be a player capable to build up an action from the back.


Yeah I don’t get that, his passing has been excellent and he’s decent on the ball.


As he tends to drift right id play him right side of a back 3… And hes better with the ball than most of the others at the back…Again,anyone but Gabriel…


Oh do I? I must have forgotten thinking that let alone saying it haha


I thought Mustafi was quite good on the ball. He’s presented loads of balls through the lines. Definitely see him more on either side, preferably RCB as he has recovery in him to operate there.


In fact Mustafi’s best attributes this season has been on the ball because quite frankly his overall defending has not been that of a 35m defender if being brutally honest.


Maxi is confused.


For some reason…


I think Mustafi’s passing is his best asset from what I’ve seen this season.


Arsenal captain Per Mertesacker recently admitted he has no idea if he’s fit enough to play the FA Cup final this weekend.

Mertesacker said:”I cannot tell you.

“I haven’t played this year. But I have done this for 15 years so I expect myself to be absolutely ready no matter what comes.

“That is my mindset, no matter what happens or what is facing me on Saturday, I am going to go for it. I owe this to this team and to this club.

“I want to make sure I will be ready and my mindset is ‘120 minutes plus penalties’.


If Meresacker plays in the final, you just know Chelsea are going to target him.
He lacks pace and hasn’t played since last season, so it’s a massive risk picking him.


We have no choice but to play him. Would you risk Jenkinson? :hipster:


If 4 other defensive players are injured tho then he has to play really. I guess I’d rather play Mertesacker and stay with the 5 than go back to the 4.


Same here. The only way it makes sense to play Per is with another CB either side of him a and I’d rather keep the formation too.



Holding Mertesacker and Monreal with Ox as LWB and Bellerin as RWB is the only option.

Holding and Mertesacker will get slaughtered in a back 4.


Mertesacker plays as the deepest CB and will have 2 CBs to cover his pace instead of one. The only issue is his rustiness.


To not play for a whole season, and then make a come back in the FA Cup final against the best team in the league is a tall order.

I just hope Mustafi is fit for this game.


What a fucking legend this man. Top top top