Our next 8 games


Only if you’re expecting to win, which I’m obviously not. Losing is like a water off a duck’s back now, I just laugh about it.


Yeah I agree with what your saying… but that must pose the question of why you are actually looking forward to a NLD we are likely to get pummelled in ? :joy:


Because it’s a big game and there is always that chance that Spurs will do a Spurs and we’ll win. Besides, as well as being an Arsenal fan I’m also a football fan. If you can’t look forward to these kind of games then what’s the point?!


I look forward to big games just as long as we aren’t involved these days haha. The Champions League quarter finals should be epic.


@Calum thinks he is Braveheart. He is fucking full of rage.


Palace away the day after my birthday. Yippie. :neutral_face:


Don’t watch the game :wink:


We’ll beat West 'aaaaaam at home and beat Man City in one of the matches but lose the other.

We’ll get a tame draw against one of Boro/Palace and lose the other one

Tottenham, in the last ever North London Derby at WHL are going to smash us into next season and I’ll be there to see it in glorious HD

Every chance now that we’re going to experience a spell being 2nd best to Tottenham, the league finishing positions will be the first proper manifestation of that. They’ve been catching us up slowly anyway, Wenger possibly could’ve prevented it by going 3 years ago though


I would however accept said WHL humbling in exchange for somehow getting into an Fa Cup final against them and getting our revenge, Wenger’s final match in charge of the club. That would be beautiful

Plenty of permutations still open this season


All i want to do now is beat city(semi final) and beat the scum in the league…
And whoever we get in the final(if we get there)… The rest is just a jolly up… Fuck Europe hope we dont qualify for either comp…Lets get back to the bread and butter…


7th place will get Europa League this year so it’ll take some fuck up to not qualify for it.


If one team can do it, its us…


We would have to start our season in june, right? :mustafi:


Ummm you know since 11 February the only​games we have won are Sutton and Lincoln?! :joy::joy:


I’m well up for the Europa League next season, from a purely selfish point of view


Well, need to finally win an european cup :wink:


Yeah and that’s the first time in Wengers history of managing Arsenal that it’s ever happened. So it’s not a regular occurrence. It’s not going to continue lol.


H Doncaster
H West Brom
A Bate
H Brighton
A Watford
A Belgrade
A Everton
H Swansea

Imo that’s 15 points right there. All games we will win in the PL anyways. Cup games we should be winning as well but who knows.


Yeah we should win nearly all those games, Everton away could be tricky but hopefully we get the job done.


Let’s see if their bad form continues today against united. Hope not but they’ve been bad this season.