Our next 8 games


Yep, 6 “easy games” in the league and maybe 2 in the F.A. Cup, then Chelsea who are gonna kick the shit out of us.


Just that not one club appears to have changed their name in that time. So rare a thing to happen here I guess.


Just to put a positive spin on the forum for once - the next six League games, up to Chelsea away, are six games we really should be winning. If we do, while Chelsea have Liverpool / Spurs away from home, and Leicester at Stamford Bridge.

Things really could look a lot rosier by February. Who knows - maybe this week was the kick up the backside needed. I know that opinion isn’t vogue, but this forum is just grim at the moment, why not lighten to mood!


You’re right of course, but how many times have we said that over the past few years? :s


I’ll guarantee you we won’t win all 6 games and very likely will be still 6 points behind CFC when we lose away to them


I appreciate your positive thinking efforts, but I’m not capable of it. Honestly the scale of the capitulation we saw has I think put my brain on defense mode. The closest I can compare this to is the disgraceful defeat to Swansea at home last season, after the defeat at Old Trafford. To limit the hurt my brain is kind of insulating itself to Arsenal. I’ll still watch as many of the games as I can (and post on the forum heh), but without real belief.


We led at Everton and Citeh. Games we should not have lost, (after taking the lead.)
I’m not sure that we have the fortitude these days.


Even if that does eventuate the deficit at the top will just blow back out in Feb/ March when we play Chelsea, Liverpool and Southampton away.


We’ll turn in another “Arsenal 3 - 0 Chelsea” performance or two before the end of the season, probably when everyone’s least expecting it. Won’t be enough though as we don’t have any convincing degree of consistency. And no, the 13 games unbeaten wasn’t convincing in its entirety.


April is looking fucking grim :grimacing:

Honestly can’t see us winning any of these lol ffs.

Specially looking forward to the back to back Monday games where we are playing relegation threatened teams under the Monday night lights. :neutral_face:

Then to top the month of misery off the fucking last NLD at WHL where Spurs can put the final nail in this season. :sob:


The April Fixture list would only really bother me if we were still in the Title race, currently I’m not overly fussed. Makes no difference if we finish 5th or 7th.


Yeh I stopped caring whether we finish 4th or 14th a long time ago this season.


Wtf are u talking about can’t see us winning anynof those games. Lol there are plenty of reasons to be upset but don’t go full retard.


The only 2 that have any sort of relevance on that list though are the last 2. I’d be Surprised if we got anything out of those also.


Just need Wenger to announce he is retiring at the end of the season to boost our chances.


West Ham at home is the only one I’d fancy us to win. Maybe Boro depending on what the new coach does.

But you never know, this is a very convenient international break.


April only looks grim if you have any expectations. I’m actually looking forward to the 2 games v City and the NLD.


I think the NLD at the Lane will be a very depressing one for Gooners that are looking forward to it.


If there’s no Kane and no Sanchez then it’ll probably be 0-0 anyway :wink:


We wouldn’t keep a clean sheet away from home against any team in the football league as things stand :joy: