Östersunds FK vs Arsenäl (UEL Round of 32 1st Leg)


We’re in the middle of our season tho and they aren’t so that’s a bit of a leveler :speak_no_evil:


I have a feeling we’re going to lose this. I hope I’m wrong. But I have no faith left in this club.


Even if we do, let the Daily Fail do their thing and then we’ll win by at least 4 in the home game


Is it going to be snowing and orange balls? Been ages since we’ve had one of them.


Flat pack bullies then.


Think Ramsey is definitely out.


Two legs though. As long as it’s only 1-0 or 2-1 there are not gonna be problems.


That’s what I said earlier in this thread and you barraged me for it :rofl:


I missed the return leg part :wink:


This game has a Sutton type of feel to it, underdog team with a small stadium, which means we’ll win 2-0


I’ve been banging my head trying to learn them already @oompa Hopeless :laughing:


Alright I’ve had it with their arrogance. Get your horned hat and meet me by the shore, we’re grabbing a slice of England again :smiling_imp:


Not without me you’re not @oompa @Ocke

Time to revive the Danelaw


I’m with you brothers!


Naturally! Anyone know what York is like these days? Also bring some Carlsberg. Cough I mean, mead :beers:.


I hear it is wonderful this time of year, with verdant fields and buxom women both ripe for the plowing!!! :campbell:


I condemn their chocolate, large dogs ,
Stupid clocks, funny hats , leather shorts, cheese , cow bells
and pacifist cowardice culture.
Tatical mastershow of excellence.
Brothers today we strike back.



So the man who can stay on his feet to the rescue? :welbeck:


BTFO Scandi cucks. :bellerin::uk: